Merserburger Fight Night promoted in Spergau, Germany on Saturday August 28 was quite a big fiasco for Nikolaj Falin who got knocked out by Errol Zimmerman’s hook fifteen seconds in the first round.

Errol Zimmerman vs Niko Falin Photos

According to Head Kick Legend this is the second time that Falin has been knocked out by a Golden Glory member in under twenty seconds this year. American heavyweight Mark Miller took all of nine seconds to put Falin away when they met at the United Glory World Series Final event in May.

The show also included a 4-man kickboxing tournament taken by Bakar Barakat who won Egon Racz in the semi-final and Alban Ahmeti beat Omar Tekin with low kicks TKO. The final bout between Barakat and Ahmeti was quite even. The judges decision pointed towards Barakat.