On Saturday November 26 in Geneva, SWITZERLAND Jury Bessmertny from Minsk, Belarus knocks out Armen Petrosyan, strong brother of famous Giorgio Petrosyan.

Jury Bessmertny knocks out Armen Petrosyan

Armen Petrosyan did quite a nasty thing in a fight vs Bessmertny. He kept hitting him when Belarus touched the ground with the third point of the body. He basically was on one knee. Well, in ten-fifteen seconds Petrosyan paid for it.

Parviz Iskenderov
Parviz Iskenderov is a Muay Thai fighter from Perth, Australia. He is a former national champion of Belarus, and also a finalist of IFMA European Cup. He is an editor of Fightmag. He covers national and world news. Iskenderov is also the WKN (World Kickboxing Network) coordinator for Australia.