On Friday January 27, 2011 in Mar del Plata, Argentina – Jorge Cali will fight El Gimenez in their rematch WKN MMA super heavyweight bout – Live on FOX SPORTS.

mma argentina january 27

Their first fight was on November 20, 2010 in Buenos Aires with the result as a no contest due to an unexpected punch coming from Cali. It is visible on the video below (6.23) that El Ninja was tapping out, though the referee haven’t noticed that and simply haven’t done anything.. Cali just let him go and after that kept fighting and made that punch.

It was an MMA rules fight, so pretty much no rules where almost all hits from any position are allowed. Though the referee meant to control everything what is going on in the ring and notice things like tap out.

This kind of situation, unfortunately, reminds the bout Carnage vs Spong.

This sort of mistakes are extremely dangerous regarding the health and safety of the fighters. Both fights were heavyweight where one punch can cause really bad health issues.