Rare Photo: Chuck Norris & Billy Murray


Martial artist and movie star Chuck Norris and multiple world kickboxing champion Billy Murray photographed in Prague, Czech Republic.

Chuck Norris served in the US Air Force and began his rise to fame as a martial artist founding Chun Kuk Do school. On November 24, 1968 he became a Professional Middleweight Karate champion taking a win over Delgado and he kept the title for six consecutive years. In 1969 he won Karate’s triple crown for the most tournament wins of the year, and the Fighter of the Year award by Black Belt Magazine.

In 1997 Chuck Norris was the first Westerner in the documented history of Tae Kwon Do who was given the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt Grand Master.

In 1999, Norris was inducted into the Martial Arts History Museum’s Hall of Fame and on July 1, 2000 he was presented the Golden Lifetime Achievement Award by the World Karate Union Hall of Fame.

Chuck Norris appeared in a number of action films, such as Way of the Dragon in which he starred alongside Bruce Lee.

Billy Murray is the main who in 80’s conquered the World of kickboxing being a champion in four different weight categories. Today Billy Murray is the WKN World Director & he runs the number one kickboxing centre in Northern Ireland –¬†ProKick Gym –¬†which has also recently celebrated its’ 20 years of success. The next show – Thai-Tanic – promoted by Billy Murray will be held on June 10 in Belfast dedicated to the 100 year-old story of Titanic, the greatest ship of them all.


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