Established in 2009 in Sydney WMD Fight Gear is known and considered as the best MMA equipment brand from Australia, also supporting styles of Kickboxing, Muay Thai & Boxing.

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WMD Fight Gear is the #1 Australian MMA Fight Gear brand. We are the Generals in the field of MMA gloves and protective equipment. We have spent many years in the martial arts barracks and in War developing the latest armour for you soldiers!

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  • Ross Pearson – Winner of TUF USA vs England and current UFC Fighter and now TUF “The Smashes” Coach.
  • Paulo Filho – Undefeated WEC Champ and Pride Veteran
  • Soa “Hulk” Palelei – Australian MMA Champ and UFC Veteran
  • Glenn Taylor Smith – Australian Title Holder – Team Quest Australia
  • David Taylor Smith – Local MMA Fighter competing at Tuffa MMA – Team Quest Australia
  • Marko “Cro Kid” Peselj – Local MMA Fighter Competing at Impact FC
  • Thiago Meller – Brazilian champ and fought Ben Mortimer on Impact FC
  • Bira Lima – Brazilian champ and fought US champ Jeff Monson on Impact FC
  • Geronimo “Mondragon” Dos Santos – Popular Brazilian champion and fought Pride veteran Josh Barnett
  • Damien Brown – Integrated Martial Arts, fought on Brace for War, AFC, Nitro, Legend FC
  • Mike Anderson – Local MMA fighter competing and holding title at Tuffa MMA
  • Brett Craine White – Current WKN Muay Thai Champion, AMF Australian title, ISKA interstate title, WPMF state title
  • Rob Hill – Former CFC – Cage Fighting Championship Title holder, Legend FC Fighter
  • Shane Parker – Our first indigenous and promising up and coming Local MMA Fighter, will be fighting Gladiators
  • Jamie Lunghitano Current WBC West Australian Champion and fighting Battle Colossal
  • Vic Madamadiotis – winner of 2010 National Golden Gloves championship – and is our youngest fighter at the current age of 15, now training in MMA
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  • Impact FC The Uprising 1- Brisbane
  • Impact FC The Uprising 2 – Sydney (Pay Per View Event)
  • Nitro MMA
  • Australian Federation of Pankration Athlima
  • Cage Warrior – New Zealand
  • Proud Warrior Productions – PWP2, First Local MMA show to be aired on OneHD


WMD Fight Gear was the main sponsor to Impact FC that aired over 6 countries pay per view, and included many world class veteran fighters including Ken Shamrock and Pedro Rizzo. We were proud to have put WMD Australia on the canvas letting the international community know that we will be a world class destination for MMA shows and fighters in years to come.


As one of Australia’s premier MMA fight gear brand, we aim to bring more awareness of MMA trends and product to the mainstream and fitness community. We have done this through our annual exhibition at the largest fitness gathering of around 30,000 attendees at the Australian Health and Fitness Expo.

We have always aimed to build a loyal and distinct group of sponsored fighters and gyms throughout our region. The main aim for fighters is to provide as much support as possible, but this requires local communities to support local brands and small business subsequently.


Our perspective has been quite clear since WMD’s creation. Over the number of years, hundreds of people, gyms, promoters, media, businesses and industry personnel mostly embrace the extraordinary evolution the martial arts industry (and fitness industry) is undertaking.

We understood that the major international MMA brands would take over – and we forecasted that they will hit mainstream retail stores. But we knew that Australians get sick of brands, corporations and a portion of us want to support local brands. A great example is Tapout, a great brand – but a lot of people choose not to be part of a dominant brand as it does not represent individualism. Martial arts is about growth, strength, courage – but what we saw was the clothing brands adding attitude. That created a far greater reach and opened up endless opportunities. This has given the martial arts industry a chance to be further recognized as a mainstream sport, as well as businesses to engage a wider platform customer, and professionals to engage in revitalizing fitness trends.

WMD is a passionate small business and encourage those who have the influence and authority to push the martial arts industry into becoming a more professional and valuable part of Australian sport, so that everyone involved can benefit from the explosion of MMA at this critical time.

* WMD Fight Gear is a Proud Sponsor of Cage Warrior Championship Series – Check out the competitors gloves that are in equal quality to UFC competition gloves. is a proud WMD Fight Gear supporter from day one.

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Parviz Iskenderov
Parviz Iskenderov is a Muay Thai fighter from Perth, Australia. He is a former national champion of Belarus, and also a finalist of IFMA European Cup. He is an editor of Fightmag. He covers national and world news. Iskenderov is also the WKN (World Kickboxing Network) coordinator for Australia.