Three days after being released Badr Hari is arrested again and returned to Dutch prison, reported today.

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According to Badr Hari has violated one of the conditions he had to follow while being out of jail – he is not allowed to be in any public places eg night clubs, cafes, restaurants etc.

However it is reported that Badr Hari was seen in one of Dutch restaurants with his girlfriend.

Badr Hari has been charged with attempted manslaughter, and faces up to ten years in jail. His rap-sheet is discouragingly long and they have physical evidence against him. Things are looking very bad for Badr Hari and his fans. Even if he only gets half of the ten-year sentence, those are five of his prime years lost forever, and he will most likely emerge a shell of the fighter that he once was with the long layoff. And if he gets ten years, then his career is surely over.

* The incident happened in July earlier this year at Sensation White, an annual dance event in Amsterdam Arena where the 38-year old Koen Everink got badly beaten up.

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