Perth Model Aleisha Hudson Perform as a Ring Girl
Aleisha Hudson, Western Australia renowned model / Pic: Adam Nalapraya

Many attempt to begin their modelling career as the ring card girls at the fight shows. But not the West Coast’s stunner Aleisha Hudson.

Aleisha Hudson, 19, is a model from Perth, Western Australia. To date she has already been modelling for more than five years. She is inducted in many TVC’s, press ads and magazines. She has also participates and has won numerous contests such as 2014 Miss Universe.

Two years back Hudson took part in the Sxy MMA calendar shoot. Kim Piper, the coordinator of the group recently shared her vision on the professionalism of the ring card girls, the way it should be.

“Must be beautiful on the inside and out,” said Piper.

“Must have a healthy fit toned body, must connect with the crowd, walk in heels with confidence, be confident and love being centre of attention.”

“Aleisha, she is a very likeable sweet girl,” Piper outlined Hudson.

“She is willing to learn and give her everything for the best shot.”

“Love working with her. She has a great energy.”

Hudson recently appeared inside the boxing ring as the ring girl. She presented at Perth’s Epic fight show, where eminent Frank Giorgi made a victorious come back.

The gallery below includes several shots from Hudson’s modelling folio, as well as her presence inside the boxing ring being a ring card girl.

Parviz Iskenderov

Parviz Iskenderov is a muaythai fighter from Perth, Australia. He is a former national champion of Belarus, and also a finalist of IFMA European Cup. He is an editor and journalist at FIGHTMAG. He covers national and world news. Iskenderov is also the WKN (World Kickboxing Network) international coordinator for Australia.


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