Billy Murray Promotes Kickboxing World Championship
Gary Hamilton and Paolo Renna official weigh-in for the WKN Kickboxing World Championship at Lords of the Ring Fight Night in Belfast

The day has come: the Lords of the Ring fight night in Belfast with 7 KNOCKOUT WKN kickboxing world title bouts is happening tonight.

Gary Hamilton, Belfast’s favourite will face Paolo Renna from Belgium in the WKN World title clash under kickboxing Full-Contact rules.

The under card is combined of Northern Ireland’s leading athletes taking on the rest of the World.

The event will be exclusively attended by the World Kickboxing Network president Mr Stephane Cabrera, who came to Belfast to assist the event.

‘Well done to everyone at tonight’s weigh-ins and for the help in this Super WKN ProKick show in Belfast. Thank you in advance to all the helpers, fighters, coaches and officials and Mr Cabrera for all his help in putting this mega event together. The best is yet to come….Fight-Night!’ said Billy Murray, promoter of the show.

The Lords of the Ring Fight Night is set to celebrate the 25-years of World championship kickboxing in Belfast, of the night when Billy Murray, Ireland’s most accomplished kickboxer, claimed his very first title of the World title belt.