Meet Tattooed Katia Kubacki

Tattooed Katia Kubacki has as much to as share as internationally renowned muaythai fighter and boxer Rob Powdrill.

Indeed, fighting sports in Australia gifted us with eminent Robert Powdrill, who is also known for his body that is covered with a numerous outstanding tattoos. Last week we have discovered a female talent who has as much to share – Tattooed Katia Kubacki.

My friend from the United States, GFL MMA reporter of the year Breanna Armstrong, who is a famous contributing writer and photographer, has recently shared a status on her Facebook profile

“The beauty magazines that refuse to work with tattooed models and celebrities are missing out. About to drop some big news for several collaborations I’ve been working on. Not afraid to ask and haven’t heard no yet,” Armstrong posted.

Here in Australia, that is known as the Land Down Under, we have a different story, obviously another way around.

Katia Kubacki is a 24-year-old Australian model and Ring Girl from Sydney.

She has been widely known as a Tattooed Katia, being the Inked Magazine Australia and New Zealand cover model; and she has also been a last month’s persona in the ‘Babes of MMA’.

In addition to all those required looks for being on stage and in front of camera, Katia Kubacki has been seriously training in the fight gyms and we may see her competing sometime soon too.

“I have trained with Lincoln Hudson for boxing and Glen Purvis for Muay Thai. I definitely would love to fight, but not until I and my coaches are 100% ready,” she says.

“Due to my recent injury I have been out of training for a month, but not long now till I am back. I have also just bought a property in the northern beaches, so I will have to change gyms.”

Tattooed Katia

“One of my friends was holding a tattooed pageant and was short a couple of girls. He asked me if I would enter. It has just snowballed from there!”

“I like to combine the girl next door look with the WOW factor of my tattoos.”

“Remaining classy, and still appealing to the eye, but having my down to earth country girl attitude – is what, I think, most people appreciate.”

“At the end of the day my look and how I carry myself – are my product I am marketing to the public.”

“My wings on my back are for my friend, she is forever my angel, and always has my back.

“The dragon and tiger on my ribs which is the Japanese Ying and Yang. I have always been fascinated by their culture, dedication to their honour and how proud they are of their family. Heritage yet remain humble and giving.”

“My leg piece, if to look closely, is all combined. The tiger is standing on top of a waterfall with a tattooed geisha bathing. The tattooed geisha represents new school beauty, mixed with traditional values which is something I pride myself on. In the cave behind the waterfall is Jorogumo. An ancient Japanese tale of a spider, that used to transform into a beautiful woman to lure sailors in, to kill them. Meaning that anyone can put on a beautiful front – so do not be fooled or lured in.”

Behind The Gloss

“I was never pretty growing up, I was the ugly duckling. I had braces and glasses, and I was really into the punk and rock scene. I always had different colored hair and piercings which helped distract people, but left me a victim of bullying.”

“I was in Real Estate for 4 years but my heart wasn’t in it, so I have decided to take a chance and try for University to become a sports dietitian. I’m currently studying and working for my parents company doing accounts.”

“I never thought I was a typical magazine pretty. I always thought I was different. After years of feeling like this, I’ve finally learnt how to accept myself and my looks, and market all this in a way that no one else has.”

Modelling and Ring Girl

“I’ve started modelling only in 2013.”

“From winning Miss Inked Australia and New Zealand and landing my first cover in my first year, which is also an international publication, to being plastered all over a van for Summernats, that is also printed in magazines.”

“I’ve been staring in multiple music clips of some of Australia’s leading artists, and I am in demand Australia wide for the ring girl work.”

“As a ring girl I’ve worked for Unarmed Combat Unleashed, Taipan & JNI promotions, along with a number of other MMA, kickboxing and muaythai fight nights throughout, including the Bathurst Charity boxing event.”

Australia is a place of beauty, where practically each and every nationality from all around the World can be seen. Polish ethnicity born in Australia Katia Kubacki definitely stands out of the mass of the ravishing ladies from down-under, with her admirable appearance, dedicated personality and of course her conspicuous tattoos.

Parviz Iskenderov

Parviz Iskenderov is a Muay Thai fighter from Perth, Australia. He is a former National champion of Belarus, and also a finalist of IFMA European Cup. He is an editor and journalist at FIGHTMAG. Iskenderov is also the WKN (World Kickboxing Network) international coordinator for Australia.


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