Mikaela Willigen Beautifies Yodsanklai vs Tentori


Top 8 sexiest woman of the month Mikaela Willigen makes Yodsanklai vs Tentori bout beautiful from Round 1 to Round 5.

Mikaela Willigen performed as the ring-card girl at the seventh edition of Origins Fight Promotions last Saturday in West Australian Perth. The show was headlined by the international challenge seeing Muay Thai celebrity Yodsanklai Fairtex battling with Marco Tentori.

Yodsanklai Classically Defeats Tentori

The bout, which quite unexpectedly, lasted all five rounds, has also seen the limelight from Perth’s beauty Mikaela Willigen, who was advising the attendants with the number of the round to come.

Star Central Magazine outlined Willigen as this month Sexiest Woman, along side with six other Aussies including Sophia Withers and Beth Medforth, featuring Shelly Dulieu from the United Kingdom.

Eye-catching blonde Mikaela Willigen, who is completing a double degree at ECU, as well as being a freelance model and a regular Bikini Contest participant, could not, definitely, be left aside from the photo-camera flashes and the silver-screen footage.