JWP Says Conor McGregor is a Marketing Genius


Joe Rogan podcast video featuring John Wayne Parr has emerged this morning.

The cut off footage of “The Joe Rogan Experience” sees a conversation where America’s famous podcaster and MMA commentator, and Aussie muaythai icon share their thoughts on Conor McGregor. Ireland’s McGregor is a current UFC interim featherweight champion. He is one of the most eminent names in the current era of MMA, known for his excellent performance in the cage, as well as for his personality.

“Conor is the best shit talker ever,” Rogan says. “I don’t even think he is thinking, It’s just him.”

“I think he is just free, and he just thinks that way. He is just an amazing shit talker, he is so good at it.” Rogan concludes.

“When you talk to him one on one, he is the nicest, politest gentlemen you’ll ever meet,” JWP comments.

“Then you put him in front of the stage, especially in front of those crowds… He just shines and becomes this different animal… Which is a marketing genius in the same time.”

The talk also features a number of mentions, including Rogan’s opinion on the earlier days of McGregor’s career and personality. They also talk about his fighting skills. You can watch it here.