Yolanda Schmidt Shares Body Workout Secrets
Yolanda "The Springbok" Schmidt

There are various DIY body weight exercises available to suit your workout needs.

Although it would be fantastic to own all the fancy equipment available in a gym, it is not possible for most. Living an active lifestyle, you need to find a workout that requires little to no equipment if a gym membership is not an option. I will outline a variety of body weight exercises to assist in achieving your goals.

Indeed, you are free to sweat in solitude, in the privacy of your own home. You can choose to blast your favorite music or the next episode of a highly anticipated TV series while completing your workout, so no excuses.

Strapped for time?

Try incorporate body weight exercises into your daily life. For example, before each mealtime you set a goal to complete 20 squats. If you’re like me, I eat 6 meals a day, then that would be 120 squats in my day.

Walking: Walk the dog or take a scenic walk around your neighborhood, a park, or down along the water. This is great for low impact aerobic exercise.

I “can’t” translates to I “won’t”, there are no valid excuses.

Jump rope: Set a timer, put on your favorite TV show and skip away. This is a great way to get the heart rate up quickly and work up a good sweat.

Steps and step ups: If you have access to stairs at home, walking up and down them, work a treat for your legs and glutes. If you don’t have stairs, find something you can step up and step down from while listening to your much-loved tunes.

Lunges: Walking lunges and jump lunges are great for the buns and thighs. If you are limited for time, make this your locomotive movement while completing the house work. Jump lunges increases the heart rate and work up a little sweat.

Squats and squat jumps: booty workout, glutes and thighs are the focus here.

Push ups: These are simple and target arms, chest and shoulders. They can be adapted to intensify or simplify the workout.

Bridge: Glute Bridge is fabulous for strong glutes, vital in sports performance. With the added bonus of activating all the core muscles.

Make a conscious decision to incorporate exercise into your life

Abdominals: This is the easiest of all exercises to complete in the comfort of your own home. If you have run out of ideas, stress less, i’ve developed three courses beginner, intermediate and advanced for you to follow.

Each course consists of 5 different workouts (day 1-5), which are completed for 4 weeks each. You won’t get bored as each of the 5 days are different. Once you have completed the beginner’s course for 4 weeks then you move onto the intermediate course and repeat this for 4 weeks. All the repetitions are not completed in the video, this is simply to provide the program and demonstrate the technique.

These tutorials contain modifications to a variety of exercises for different levels of strength.

Bring on those summer abs.

Yolanda Schmidt
Yolanda Schmidt, from Sydney, NSW is the Australian national champion in Muay Thai. In addition, she is a two-time bronze medalist at IFMA world championships. She is also a teacher at Menai High School in Illawong, NSW. Schmidt is a regular contributor to FIGHTMAG, where she covers women's kickboxing and Muay Thai.


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