John Wayne Parr vs James Heelan
Caged Muay Thai 10: John Wayne Parr, James Heelan

CMT 10: John Wayne Parr vs James Heelan

CMT 10 is held on Friday August 4 in Brisbane, Australia. The event continues a non-stop action of a hybrid sport featuring Muay Thai rules in the octagon where fighters battle out in the MMA gloves.

The program comprises 12 bouts with Australian and international competitors. On Monday the organization announced a change in the main event bout.

John Wayne Parr was expected to fight Jake Purdy of England. The latter was forced to withdraw from the contest due to an injury received at training. James Heelan of Ireland took the bout on a short notice, saving the show.

Residing in Phuket Heelan fought such Thai opponents as Taharnaek, Yodkumarn and Denleypang. Over the course of his career he has also collected the 5-3 record in amateur MMA, as well as 1-0 when entered the cage as a pro.

“Big news for CMT. Unfortunately a few days ago we found out the news that Jake Purdy my original opponent broke his big toe sparring and had no other option but to pull out of the event,” John Wayne Parr wrote in the caption to the poster published on his profile on Instagram.

“We reached out to my friend Kevin from Siam Fight News seeing if he knew anyone that could possibly fill the position. I’m happy to announce my new opponent from Ireland is James Heelan.”

“James has a record of 47 fights mixed with Muay Thai, MMA & boxing. James once trained out of Dublin with John Kavanagh before moving to Phuket to concentrate purely on Muay Thai. Can always trust the Irish to jump at an opportunity when it comes to a fight.”

The official Caged Muay Thai 10 weigh-in ceremony is held on Thursday. A complete fight card can be found below.

John Wayne Parr vs. James Heelan
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