Saenchai Muay Thai sparring in MMA gloves


The King of Muay Thai Saenchai again teases his involvement in MMA.

Famed Muay Thai fighter out of Thailand, Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym keeps entertaining his fans with an idea of a possible transition into the Mixed Martial Arts. Last week he shared a clip on his page on Facebook that shows him entering the golden color octagon where he performs shadowboxing. On Monday he revealed a new footage as well as a photo where he appears wearing MMA gloves.

“Putting my MMA gloves to use… getting used to this type of sparring,” Saenchai wrote in the caption to the video that shows him play-sparing with his team mate at Yokkao Boxing Gym in Bangkok.

The description to the photo shares that Saenchai is a “part time model, full time fighter”. “These MMA gloves got me thinking…” he wrote in conclusion.

Over the last few years a four-division Lumpinee Stadium championship winner Saenchai was rumored to partake in the MMA contest. Furthermore he was expected to train with the MMA great out of Canada Georges St-Pierre. In 2016 the Thai fighter has also given a detailed break down on Conor McGregor’s kicking, making a statement that he would “definitely win” if they ever squared off in a kickboxing match.

The most recent fight of Saenchai was mid July when he defeated Australian Chadd Collins at Thai Fight Yala. His next challenge is in Spain on September 30 when he appears in the headline event of Thai Fight Barcelona, with the opponent yet to be named.


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