Argentine kickboxing star Jorge Acero Cali in one more round


Jorge Acero Cali – highlight video

Known as “Steel”, Argentine Jorge Acero Cali is a former World Kickboxing Network super cruiserweight champion, who has made three successful title defenses. Over the course of his career he has fought and defeated the likes of Moroccan Abderahim Benazzizi, Brazilians Adul Ranmhemavo and Ademar Correa, his country-fellows Walter Roszuk and Juan Jose Palermo, and others. In addition “Acero” tried himself in Mixed Martial Arts, going up against Horacio “El Ninja” Enrique in his final bout in October 2013.

Post-retirement from fighting, famed South American fighter “Acero” Cali has strove to help his hometown. He has served as the President of Escobar City Council.

Nevertheless, Cali has never stepped away from the sport. As of last year he runs a series of kickboxing seminars throughout the country, as well as helps promoting the world-class events. Earlier this month “Acero” attended the recent edition of Simply the Best held at Believe Buenos Aires in Moreno.

On Monday WKN shared a new video on its page on Facebook, that features the highlight moments of “Acero” inside the square circle. Titled as “Un Round Más” [One more round], the clip shows Cali in a thrilled performance at the 9000-seat Luna Park, with the event televised on Fox Sports LA.


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