Tribute to Jessica Lindsay
Jessica Lindsay, Rest in Peace (23 November 1998 – 14 November 2017)

Sad loss of a beautiful boxer

Numerous media report this week on a very sad happening with our fellow Muay Thai fighter Jessica Lindsay, who passed away early last week. She had reportedly suffered from severe dehydration, while cutting weight for the upcoming bout.

After reading several “dry” reports on the subject made by other outlets, I believe there is a must to say a few words about a beautiful person who is no longer with us.

With a smile on her face, Jessica Lindsay has always appeared as a respectful, polite and gentle personality. Passionate about the “Art of Eight Limbs”, she has been aspired in achieving her goals, and supportive to others. Always and forever she remains a loved daughter, good friend and a solid team mate.

There is a fundraiser launched for those wishing to support Jessica’s family in this hard period of time. The page Sad Loss Of A Beautiful Boxer is available at

“Jessica’s passing is similar to that of Scottish-born fighter Jordan Coe. She was and still is a bright star that touched so many lives. She always put other people first and her caring nature and positivity in life will never be forgotten.

Jessica was surrounded by family and friends till the end. Her legacy will make a change and stop this from happening to anyone else.”

The Funeral Service is held at St Bernadette’s Catholic Church, 252 Grand Ocean Blvd Port Kennedy on Wednesday, 22 November 2017 at 11.30 am. Jessica Lindsay (23 November 1998 – 14 November 2017). Rest in Peace.


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