Boxing training, benefits for Muay Thai


This year, I have been working at Tribute Boxing in Melbourne and have started to incorporate more boxing training into my regime. My aim is not to become a boxer, but I have been enjoying the training. I previously wrote about my boxing training in Los Angeles earlier this year, which was a lot of fun. I have also found that it has helped me improve certain skills that are useful in Muay Thai.

There are obviously a lot of differences between boxing and Muay Thai. They are totally different sports. If you are fighting, there are significant changes that you need to make to the way you position your body. For example, a wider, low to the ground stance and constant head movement make sense in boxing for stability and avoiding punches, but if you were to fight like this in Muay Thai you risk leg kicks and knees to the head. However, one element of boxing training that I have found useful, even for Muay Thai, is the skill of remaining light on your feet.

Footwork drills

Training boxing, you will usually spend quite a bit of time drilling footwork and movement around the ring. The first thing I noticed when I started doing more boxing pad rounds was that my legs were the first thing to tire. The boxing footwork required to constantly move in and out and around your opponent has helped to improve strength and endurance in my legs and feet.

When training or fighting Muay Thai, you traditionally wouldn’t be bouncing around the ring but it is useful to keep your weight in the balls of your feet. I was recently taught that after throwing a kick or knee, if you land flat footed you will be slower to react to whatever comes back at you. It is very tempting, particularly as you get tired, to remain flat on your feet. However, if you always land with the weight on your toes and can spring straight into another kick or knee. Since training boxing more regularly, I have noticed that I am finding it easier to do this.


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