Lilian Dikmans Muay Thai
Lilian Dikmans (l) in one of her Muay Thai bouts / Pic: William Luu

Real models do real sport

Melbourne-based Australian model Lilian Dikmans has recently spoken to Women’s Fitness Magazine about her experience in Muay Thai. Among everything, the former lawyer, who is also the founder of the popular blog Real Food Healthy Body, talked “a model workout” as well as the fight training. In addition, she shared what it actually is for her, when it comes to competing inside the square circle.

When asked about a typical workout, Dikmans spoke the consistency and repetition. The training, which develops the muscle memory.

“You want to work on creating reactions that occur naturally without having to think,” said Dikmans. “Because when you’re in the ring that’s what will come out.”

“If you develop good technique from the beginning, you’ll have a strong foundation from which to progress. And you’re less likely to get injured.”

Talking her goals in the sport as a fighter, Dikmans said she aims to show the school, other than “somehow” take the win. With the 3-0 record to date she wants to fight well and show good muay thai technique.

“My nerves mostly come from the fear of fighting badly and letting my trainer down,” she said. “Winning or losing isn’t important to me, I just want to fight well and show good muay thai technique.”

This past weekend Lilian Dikmans made a new post on her Instagram. Captioning the photo she has announced the upcoming Muay Thai training camp in Thailand scheduled for the next year.

Thailand booked ? ? ? #2018 #trainingcamp

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