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Emanuel Rudnicki is a former Australian national champion in Muay Thai from Perth, Australia. He is a wedding photographer at Noisy Pixels and primary photographer at FIGHTMAG.
Toby Smith Muay Thai

Domination Muay Thai 19: Toby Smith vs Charlie Bubb (photos)

It's not often you get a special fight like this one come around. Here's a few sneaky photos from the main event at Domination...
Muay Thai Domination 18 Photo Report

Domination 18 Perth: Hall of Winners

Muaythai and boxing fight show Domination 18 aired on PPV on Saturday, October 22, 2016 from Perth, WA. Domination 18 is the 12-fight bill held at...
Watch John Wayne Parr vs Daniel Dawson Video Slideshowvideo

Video Slideshow: John Wayne Parr vs Daniel Dawson

Have you ever wondered what happens out the back in the change-rooms? Check out this behind the scenes and action slideshow I did for Origins...
Elbow Makes a Brutal Cut

This is a Touch Brutal…

Walter Lara received a couple of elbows in his fight on the Nak Muay Fight Series show, one of which landing in a spot...
Jordan Godtfredsen Stops Apisit

Jordan Godtfredsen Stops Well Favored Apisit

Last night I shot Perth's newest fight show - Nak Muay Fight Series. The main event saw West Australia's Jordan Godtfredsen take on the well...
Lip Cut Injury

I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Seen an Injury Like This One Before

In all my time in this sport, I don't think I've ever seen an injury like this one before. Tough fighter Mark Sarracino had his...
Emanuel Rudnicki Defeats Chris White

I Still Love Going to Training & Spar

I used to be a Muay Thai fighter out of the Kao Sok Muay Thai Gym in Perth, Western Australia, trained by Darren Curovic. I...