Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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Lilian Dikmans
Lilian Dikmans is an Australian model, actor, Muay Thai fighter and founder of Real Food Healthy Body.
Lilian Dikmans, Healing bruises

Arnica: a natural remedy healing bruises

If you fight or train Muay Thai, you will no doubt end up with bruises from time to time. When I first started training,...
Lilian Dikmans, boxing gloves

Boxing gloves, best sizes for training and sparring

"What size gloves should I buy?" is a question often asked by people starting their Muay Thai or boxing training. When I first started myself,...
Lilian Dikmans, Magnesium oil

Magnesium oil for muscle recovery

Earlier this year, I was introduced to a new Australian brand of magnesium oil called Salt Lab. I shot their launch campaign with fellow...
Lilian Dikmans Muay Thai Pilatesvideo

Pilates Cadillac conditioning for Muay Thai

I was first exposed to Pilates during my ballet training when I was a little girl. We would use a number of its movements...
Lilian Dikmans Muay Thai warm up training videovideo

Muay Thai warm up drills

It is very important to warm up your body properly before training to prevent injury. If you start smashing pads or the bag straight...
Lilian Dikmans boxing pad work with Bill Sethvideo

Bill Seth boxing pad work in Perth

One of the great things about travel is meeting new people and learning new things. I am often away for work, so I like...
Lilian Dikmans Muay Thai fight videovideo

Learning from first Muay Thai fight

When I started training Muay Thai just over four years ago, I never expected to fight. I previously wrote about my intentions when I walked...
Women's Muay Thai boxing active wearvideo

Filming boxing & Muay Thai techniques with Lululemon activewear

It's always a good day when my work overlaps with the things that I love. Earlier this month, I shot a video for Lululemon...
Perth Muay Thai trainingvideo

Muay Thai training, pad work with Darren Curovic

Kao Sok Muay Thai Gym As I pulled up into the driveway of Kao Sok Muay Thai Gym in Forrestdale, Western Australia, I was reminded...
Lilian Dikmans Real Food Healthy Body Los Angeles

Healthy food fueling Los Angeles fitness

There is health food everywhere in Los Angeles if you know where to look. America tends to be known for its greasy burgers and...
Lilian Dikmans shares Muay Thai moves with Frank Bodyvideo

Muay Thai home ideas, three simple moves shared with Frank Body

This week, I teamed up with Frank Body to share a few Muay Thai moves that can be performed at home without any equipment...
LA boxing training experience

The Sweet Science in the city of Angels

LA boxing training experience As the popularity of boxing is growing amongst the general public, boxing gyms are becoming ubiquitous. They are popping up on...
Tips to keep skin clear training at Muay Thai kickboxing gym

Keeping clear skin, training at Muay Thai boxing gym

It's no secret that Muay Thai and boxing fight gyms can be a breeding ground for pimple-causing bacteria. Gloves with a sweaty interior still...
Gaining fitness tips

Running for fitness, alternate options

Blog: Improving fitness without running There are many ways to improve your fitness that don't involve hours on a treadmill. As a person who endeavors...
Lilian Dikmans Muay Thai workout outdoors

Outdoor workout, beach running, shadow Muay Thai

It can be hard to stick to a workout routine when you're travelling and without access to your usual gym and training partners. There's a...