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Lilian Dikmans
Lilian Dikmans is an Australian model, actor, Muay Thai fighter and founder of Real Food Healthy Body. She is a feature writer at FIGHTMAG.
Lilian Dikmans with Osman Yigin in Brussels, Belgium

Osman Yigin: Meeting Belgian kickboxing legend in Brussels

After arriving in Europe last week, my first stop was Poland with visits to Warsaw and Sosnowiec. Next stop was Brussels. This was my second...
Lilian Dikmans with Cezary Podraza at SuperKick Gym

‘SuperKick’ Cezary Podraza, training next generation Polish kickboxers

Kickboxing Poland On Friday, I visited the gym of the former world champion kickboxer Cezary Podraza in Sosnowiec, Poland. Arriving in Poland earlier in the...
Protein powder alternatives

Protein powder alternatives, plant-based wholefoods

Protein powders can be a handy way to increase your protein intake. I use protein powders from time to time to help promote muscle...
Lilian Dikmans Muay Thai trainingvideo

Muay Thai training drills on a heavy bag

Most Muay Thai, boxing and kickboxing gyms offer a range of different bags to hit. In addition to different shapes and sizes, they also...
Gym hygiene tipsvideo

Gym hygiene, avoiding hidden germs

We all know that gyms aren't the most sterile places. Even when a gym invests a lot of time and effort into cleaning, it...
Europe scheduled for May

European trip scheduled, visiting Muay Thai gyms selection

Europe scheduled for May Following my recent trip to Bangkok, next up I will be heading to Europe in May. I'm the sort of person...
Lilian Dikmans flexibility

Flexibility, stretches for Muay Thai mobility

Stretching is one of those things that can be a pain and easy to neglect. Before training, it's tempting to just get straight into...
Lilian Dikmans Muay Thaivideo

Muay Thai kicks, Top tips

The great thing about Muay Thai training in new environments with different people is that you pick up a range of tips. Even if...
Lilian Dikmans circuit trainingvideo

Circuit training benefits, muscle and cardio endurance

When I'm not training Muay Thai, I usually go to a gym that offers circuit training. There are so many gyms and fitness studios...
Take a coffee break now and then

Pre-workout coffee, good or bad

If there is one thing that I need before training, it's a black coffee. I've been doing it for years and honestly feel like...
Clean protein bars - Real Food Healthy Body

Clean protein bars, easy recipes ditching the junk

It is hard to argue with the convenience of a protein bar for a post-workout hit of protein. However, so many commercial varieties sold...
Eating out post-training

Eating out, healthy options post-training

There are times when eating out is for pure enjoyment and anything goes. There are also times when you need to eat something healthy...
UFC 221 Lilian Dikmans

UFC 221: impressions from the Octagon

Last week in Perth was a mixed martial arts extravaganza in the lead up to UFC 221. MMA fans flocked into the Western Australian...
Lilian Dikmans practicing Yin Yoga

Yin yoga, benefits for Martial Arts and athletic recovery

Stretching is an essential practice for any athlete, particularly for those engaging in martial arts. Flexibility is often an advantage, such as being able...
Saenchai and Lilian Dikmans at Thai Fight Bangkok weigh-in

Thai Fight, popularising Muaythai amongst the masses

Thai Fight Bangkok It was a typically humid Bangkok afternoon last Saturday (January 27) as we made our way to Thai Fight Bangkok, after morning...