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Nathan Corbett aka 'Carnage' is an 11-time world champion in Muay Thai from Gold Coast, Australia. During the fighting career he knocked 44 opponents out in 59 victorious bouts out of 65 fights in total, as well cemented his name in history as the 'elbow master'. Corbett is a regular contributor to FIGHTMAG, where he writes 'Carnage Diary'.
Nathan Carnage Corbettvideo

Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett documentary preview

Carnage Diary Recently, a good friend of mine and client and I were talking after a training session. He was querying the mindset of fighting...
Nathan Corbett Muay Thai Low kick

Muay Thai Carnage: Leg Kicker

The art of Muay Thai is known globally for its powerful weapons of kicks, knees and elbows with their unbelievable conditioning As a young man...
Nathan Carnage Corbett

Carnage Diary: Muay Thai Striking Seminars

As I'm on my way to Sydney for yet another Carnage Seminar I have learnt to use the time on my flights to reflect...
Muay Thai Australia Youth

The Future of Muay Thai Australia

Carnage Diary: Future Champions The future of Muay Thai Australia is looking strong, as the Siam Cup promotion is giving them the opportunity to grow...
Be on guard to the gateway of your mind

Be on guard to the gateway of your mind

Carnage Diary A seed of the earth is no different to the seed of my mind, and in which I had planted them on the...
Nathan Corbett motivationvideo

Desire fueled by inspiration keeps the motivation alive & kicking

Carnage Diary: Motivation The word motivation or motivated is something that you hear all too often when it comes to people feeling stuck between what...
Nathan Corbett, Yoga and Muay Thai

Muay Thai & Yoga have something very much in common

Carnage Diary: The Eight Limbs The two beautiful passions in my life are the fighting art of Muay Thai, and my new found passion for...
True Warrior, Nathan Corbettvideo

Modern Day Warrior

From the warrior we see today, to the great warriors from the past Over the past 24 years I have been a warrior myself. I...
Nathan Corbett, Carnage Muay Thai Elbowvideo

Muay Thai Carnage, the Art of Elbow Fighting

Elbows, I believe, if used correctly are the most dangerous weapon used in Muay Thai, and can cause fights to become a bloody mess I...
Nathan Corbett, Muay Thai Carnagevideo

Carnage Diary, Muay Thai inspiration

At the age of 16 I was inspired by Muay Thai. In that moment I had not decided it was going to be my...
Nathan Corbett, Carnage Seminar Bali MMA

Carnage Elbow Striking in Bali, Muay Thai fighting seminar & training

Carnage Seminar at Bali MMA on November 4 Following the three-months travel and coaching throughout Europe, USA and Canada, I've now arrived in Bali for...
Muay Thai elbow, Nathan Carnage Corbettvideo

Muay Thai, Carnage Elbow Striking System

Carnage Elbow Carnage Elbow Striking System is a fighting system that has been developed from over 20 years in the martial arts. Based with tradition...
Muay Thai Carnage Seminar London, Canada

Carnage Muay Thai Seminar in Canada finalizes World Tour

Finishing my global seminar tour in Canada was amazing. I love to visit new countries and cities, and meet new people. The seminar was in...
Muay Thai Carnage Elbow technique seminar in New York

Muay Thai, Carnage Elbow Striking in New York

Carnage Diary New York, New York. The big apple is certainly a big city. There are 8.5 million people in the city alone, so it...
Nathan Corbett, Muay Thai Carnage training USA

Carnage Diary: Travelling USA, Muay Thai Elbow Striking, off to New York

As I take off to my next destination, New York, I wanted to share my past few weeks of adventure and work from West...