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Nathan Corbett aka 'Carnage' is an 11-time world champion in Muay Thai from Gold Coast, Australia. During the fighting career he knocked 44 opponents out in 59 victorious bouts out of 65 fights in total, as well cemented his name in history as the 'elbow master'. Corbett is a regular contributor to FIGHTMAG, where he writes the 'Carnage Diary'.
Muaythai champion Nathan Corbett talks his fights and friendships with kickboxing stars Gokhan Saki and Tyrone Spong

The Night the Universe Took Three Greats out of Kickboxing

Glory 15 Kickboxing - 4/12/14 Istanbul, Turkey I was talking to Tyrone Spong about this today and he said that was all of our last...
Nathan Corbett presents Muay Thai training for women

Female Muay Thai Training: Carnage Perspective

Training women the art of Muay Thai. There is a difference between men and women at Muay Thai training. There is a distinction when teaching them how to fight,...
Nathan Corbett presents Carnage Warrior Retreat in Balivideo

Carnage Global presents Ultimate Warrior Retreat in Bali

May 10-17th the first Warrior Retreat will be launched in Canggu. If you haven't already heard about my next exciting adventure, I will tell you...
Muay Thai Carnage Global Retreat in Bali is held from 10 to 17 Mayvideo

Escape the Grind: Muay Thai Carnage Global Retreat

It's getting closer to our first Carnage Global Retreat, which is held from 10 to 17 May in the beautiful Bali. I'm very excited to...
Carnage Global Retreat: Nathan Corbett organizes muaythai training camp in Bali

Muay Thai Training: Carnage Global Retreat in Bali

The impact on the people who attend the Carnage Global Retreat. When I first thought of the idea of putting a training camp style of...
Nathan Corbett: Yoga is my martial arts style of training now

Yoga & Muay Thai: Softness that Balances all the Hard

In 2011 I started Yoga with a great friend of mine at his private studio in Miami, QLD. I was looking for more flexibility to...
Nathan Corbett tells the story of amazing people

People or the Best Thing about My Traveling

The best thing about my traveling with Carnage Seminars around the Globe is the people that I get to meet along the way. These past few...
Nathan Carnage Corbett releases muaythai training videosvideo

Training Carnage Striking

When I started traveling I wanted to share footage from all round the world while teaching Carnage Striking. So I would put up short clips to...
Nathan Carnage Corbett Runs Quality Muay Thai Classes on the Gold Coast

Carnage Muay Thai Quality Group Classes

Quality vs Quantity. Starting the second week of Carnage group training at Urban Fight Gym on the Gold Coast. Last week was a great start....
Nathan Corbett Presents Carnage Training on the Gold Coast

Carnage Training on the Gold Coast

Carnage Striking is a 30 min or 1 hour sessions. It is of course not only about the elbows. Until I feel the client is...
Nathan Carnage Corbett Stars in Warriors and Yogisvideo

Elbow King in Vienna – Warriors and Yogis

The debut episode of the Warriors and Yogis was filmed in Vienna, Austria while on my European seminar tour in November. Nikola Radin, the producer of...
Nathan Corbett makes Carnage elbow seminar at Mike's Gym Amsterdam

Carnage Seminar Held at Mike’s Gym Thanks to Gokhan Saki

Returning home from my third Carnage European tour for 2016 I want to share the amazing adventure all made possible by my great friend Gokhan...
Carnage Accomplishes Summer Training Camp

Carnage Summer Training feat EuroTour III Accomplished

This tour started the next chapter of Carnage Training with the 5-day camp at the home of Ronin-Carnage Global in Novi Sad, Serbia. Our training...
Carnage Striking Headlines Eurotourvideo

Carnage Striking Makes Up European Training Camp

Few days before take off to the third Euro-tour. This trip is something of a different flavor. The Carnage Striking headlines the journey. My first...
Carnage Writes Perth Fight Night Diaryvideo

Carnage Diary: Perth Fight Night Complete

What a great weekend it was. Traveled to WA to be a guest and head official for the WKN title fights at Perth fight...