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Yolanda Schmidt, from Sydney, NSW is the Australian national champion in Muay Thai. In addition, she is a two-time bronze medalist at IFMA world championships. She is also a teacher at Menai High School in Illawong, NSW. Schmidt is the former author at FIGHTMAG.
Yolanda Schmidt talks her experience at IFMA muaythai world championships

Insight into an IFMA Muay Thai experience

I proudly placed Australia on the podium on two separate occasions at IFMA Muaythai World Championships. I represented the nation in Bangkok, Thailand (2015) and...
Australian fighter Yolanda Schmidt talks muay thai training in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket

Muay Thai Training Destinations in Thailand

Selecting the destination for your Muay Thai endeavor may depend on your own set of criteria. Are you looking for a training "holiday"? Are looking...
Australian muaythai fighter Yolanda Schmidt talks the reality of being a full time athlete

Reality of Muay Thai fighters in Australia

Reality check! Every sport's person aspires to be a full time athlete. However, this is not feasible in every sport. Sadly, within Australia, this is...
Muay Thai fighter Yolanda Schmidt travels Thailand alone

Flying Solo: Females Travelling to Thailand

Travelling solo is actually quite amazing. With the right amount of alertness and preparation, travelling solo can be an epic adventure. Travelling solo is not quite...
Australian muaythai fighter Yolanda Schmidt talks about luck and toughness

Muay Thai Fighters: Luck & Toughness

Luck is defined as a purposeless, unpredictable and uncontrollable force that shapes events favorably or unfavorable. Tell me I am lucky, and this is the...
Muaythai fighter Yolanda Schmidt meets Thai star Saenchai at Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok

Muay Thai Fighter’s Bucket List

I would be surprised if you, a muaythai fighter, didn't have a bucket list. The term kicking the bucket often refers to something coming to...
Muay Thai fighter Yolanda Schmidt in Kickboxing fight in Melbourne

Muay Thai Fighter Converting to Kickboxing

Kickboxing and Muay Thai are not the same thing. Many have asked whether I would convert to Kickboxing. With the increasing wealth of countries such...
Yolanda Schmidt talks about how to find a muaythai athlete sponsorvideo

Muay Thai Fighters Struggle to Get Sponsors

Let's face it, there is no money in muaythai. Thus we seek sponsorship. By definition, athlete sponsorship is when a business provides funds, resources or...
Australian muaythai fighter Yolanda Schmidt shares her Thailand experiencevideo

Muay Thai: Trip to Thailand

My Thailand is opposite to your Thailand. While your version of a trip to Thailand might consist of sipping refreshing cocktails as you enjoy the...
Running is Important for Muay Thai Training Cardio

Running is Substantial when Training for Victory in Muaythai

Numerous non-fighters ask why we run. Running, cardiovascular training, aerobic and anaerobic, is as important as the technical training for Muaythai. I aim for the...
What is Beauty to You

Beauty of Muay Thai Fighter

It is difficult for most to associate the word beauty with a sport that is seen as brutal. Finding the balance between the ideals of...
Choose Best Coach for Achievements in Sport

Professional Coach for Athletic Goals in Muay Thai

Is a professional coach worth the investment? Whether you utilize a nutrition coach, a mental coach or strength and conditioning coach, you achieve goals faster...
Dealing With Loss in Muay Thai

Loss in Muay Thai & How to Deal with It

In any sport, dealing with loss is inevitable. Nobody likes losing. Resilience is a quality that an athlete should possess. Resilience is the ability to...
How to Maintain Healthy Hair for Female Fighter

Female Fighter: Healthy Hair High Maintenance

As a female fighter with long hair, I can confirm that healthy hair is high maintenance. "Lady boxers should have short hair." This has been...
Muay Thai Fight Music Preparation

Music for Training, Motivation and Mental Preparation

Training regime is intense and consistent. Physical preparation is only half the feat. Athletes require the motivation to mentally prepare for battle. Mental preparation lends...