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Buakaw, Badr Hari & More – News Weekly (Video)

Muay Thai & Kickboxing additional Weekly news-feed on – October 2014.

Badr Hari in the Game (Video)

Since it was announced earlier this month that Badr Hari retires from kickboxing and then that information was denied, Badr has a fight booked in Dubai on 16th October facing Patrice Quarteron.

Badr Hari Not Out

Multiple media across the world have recently announced that Badr Hari is retiring from kickboxing, referring to his official Facebook fan-page. Badr himself told Dutch press that it does not reflect the reality.

Badr Hari vs Stefan Leko in Dubai this month

Badr Hari was meant to fight Ismael Londt this coming Saturday in Netherlands, but the show was cancelled due to promotion group not being issued a license. However Badr Hari is announced to fight Stefan Leko in Dubai on May 29.

Badr Hari fighting Ismael Londt next month

Badboy is back in fight action on 17th May 2014 versing Ismael Londt in Netherlands.