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Lilian Dikmans beauty tips, workout wearing makeupvideo

Beauty tips, work out makeup, natural base

Natural makeup base, light enough for working out Most days, I want my skin to look fresh, clear, and like I'm not wearing any makeup. Of course this starts with good skincare. But if you...
Lilian Dikmans, Healing bruises

Arnica: a natural remedy healing bruises

If you fight or train Muay Thai, you will no doubt end up with bruises from time to time. When I first started training, my shins would be covered in bruises all the time...
Model Lilian Dikmans uses Muay Thai workout to help maintain body shape

Keeping Model Body ready with Muay Thai

There was a time when models simply didn't eat to maintain their figure. In recent times a more athletic, toned body has gained popularity. For me, this is a welcome change as I prefer to...
Muay Thai beauty Lilian Dikmans joins FIGHTMAG team of authors

Beauty of Muay Thai Ballet brings Lilian Dikmans to media publishing

Lilian Dikmans joins the team of authors at FIGHTMAG When it comes to grace and excellence, with its foundational techniques in dance genres, the art of Ballet certainly governs the bill. Talking the beauty in...
SI Model Mia Kang wins Muay Thai bout, plans MMA debutvideo

SI Model Mia Kang victorious in Muay Thai debut, breaks stereotypes

Girl Power: Mia Kang the first model to fight in the ring. Sports Illustrated model Mia Kang has really done it. The 28-year-old made her muaythai debut on May 7 in Thailand. Partaking in the...
Sports Illustrated model Mia Kang prepares for her muaythai fight in Koh Samui

Girl Power: SI Model Mia Kang expected in Muay Thai debut

Sports Illustrated model Mia Kang is highly anticipated to make a debut in the Art of Eight Limbs. Mia Kang continues her adventure in the world of muaythai. Originally, the 28-year-old model out of Hong...
Ekaterina Vandaryeva beautifies muaythai

Ekaterina Vandaryeva Beautifies Muay Thai

Three time world champion Ekaterina Vandaryeva certainly beautifies Muay Thai. Born in Staryya Darohi, Ekaterina Vandaryeva, 26, is fighting out of famed Kick Fighter gym in Minsk, Belarus. The 170 cm blonde started training in muaythai...
Miss Katie Stevens thinks about kickboxing training and aspires to become a motivational speaker

Fitness Model Katie Stevens: Balance in Life is Key

Katie Stevens, 26, is enthralling personality out of Queensland. Queensland or "the land of queens" is indeed an Australian factory of beauty. Born in Mildura, Victoria, Katie Stevens has been living in Brisbane for almost a...
Kickboxing champion Marianna Kalergi participates in the Survivor reality show

Kickboxing Beauty Marianna Kalergi KO’s Survivor

Belle kickboxer out of Greece Marianna Kalergi takes part in the reality show Survivor. Born in Athens, Marianna Kalergi, 24, is a notable face. Hands down, a pretty face out of the industry of the...
Badass Caity Lotz is full of positive energyvideo

Caity Lotz: Knockout Power of Positive Energy

"Started from the bottom now we here," describes herself Caity Lotz out of business of making people laugh, cry and think. The fans of the Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow series are certainly familiar with the...
Luba Littau beautifies Girl Power kickboxing tournament

Luba Littau Prettifies Kickboxing “Girl Power” Show

Luba Littau takes part in the Girl Power tournament live on SFR Sport 5, Friday February 10. Kazakhstan-born Luba Littau, 21, is a featherweight fighter out of Germany. Coached by Lars Brockmann at Kenpokan studio in Hanover,...
Nadya Magay Beautifies the Fighting Sports

Nadya Magay Resembles Action Hero

Nadya Magay looks like a character straight out of the action film. Born in Angren, Uzbekistan Nadya Magay, 28, resides in Moscow, Russia. She tops up a prominent bill of the kickass beauties. Although Magay doesn't seem...
What is Beauty to You

Beauty of Muay Thai Fighter

It is difficult for most to associate the word beauty with a sport that is seen as brutal. Finding the balance between the ideals of beauty and our ambition is a struggle. Body shaming has...
Mia Kang Beautifies Muay Thai

Mia Kang KO’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search

Muay Thai is certainly on the A-list of the workout routine for the models across the world. Mia Kang proudly represents. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mia Kang, 27, is a Korean-British 5-foot-10 international...
Renae Wauhop Makes Boxing Debut

Renae Wauhop Beautifies Domination 18 Perth

Perth fitness queen Renae Wauhop makes professional boxing debut at Domination 18 fight night on Saturday, 22nd October 2016 in Perth, WA. Renae Wauhop is a Miss Universe Australia and Amazing Race runner-up. She is...