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Simply the Best Kickboxing Episode 16 Kosicevideo

Kickboxing Simply the Best 16 Kosice supports Smile at Me

Simply the Best Kickboxing returns to Slovakia next Saturday October 14. Episode 16 is held at Steel Arena in Kosice, following three previous series produced in Poprad. It is also the second show in...
Jorge Acero Cali receives special WKN championship belt

Jorge Acero Cali receives special WKN belt at STB 15 Moreno

Jorge Acero Cali - Champion for Life Argentine "Acero" Jorge Cali is a former World Kickboxing Network super cruiserweight champion. His resume includes three defenses, as well as the victories against Brazilians Adul Ranmhemavo and...
Muay Thai fighters weight cut, Shanice Desilva

Gut health for fighter weight cuts

The ProLeague - Blog Cutting weight is an unavoidable element of a fighter's journey, however it does not need to be a time of struggle. At some point during a fighter's professional or amateur career,...
Boxing, Raquel Miller on FightBox Podcast

Raquel Miller: We’re more than just pretty faces

"Pretty Beast" Raquel Miller discusses women's boxing, head injuries, charity work and more on episode 139 of The FightBox Podcast Raquel Miller aka "Pretty Beast" is an undefeated professional female boxer (4-0, 2 KOs) from...
Floyd Mayweather makes second attempt to visit Australia

Floyd Mayweather faces second battle for Australian entry

Floyd Mayweather Jr makes second attempt to visit Australia Undefeated American boxer Floyd Mayweather (50-0) wants to visit Australia following his victory against UFC star out of Ireland Conor McGregor. The pair battled out in...
Boxing, Steve Smoger narrates of his talks with Marvelous Marvin Hagler

Marvelous Marvin Hagler to Steve Smoger: You are my favorite boxing referee

Steve Smoger narrates of his conversation with Marvelous Marvin Hagler at the 2017 International Boxing Hall of Fame induction weekend The Hall of Fame resume of Steve Smoger consists of five inductions. In 2015 he...
Lilian Dikmans Real Food Healthy Body Los Angeles

Healthy food fueling Los Angeles fitness

There is health food everywhere in Los Angeles if you know where to look. America tends to be known for its greasy burgers and junk food served in monstrous portions. However, Los Angeles is...
Muay Thai show Saenchai vs Sudsakorn at IFMA Youth World Championshipsvideo

Muay Thai stars Saenchai & Sudsakorn put on display at IFMA Youth Worlds

Saenchai vs Sudsakorn in Kard Chuek demo at IFMA Muay Thai Youth World Championships IFMA Youth World Championships was held from 3 to 11 August in Bangkok, Thailand. The highlight of the year for the...
Kickboxing champion Denise Kielholtz on FightBox Podcastvideo

Bellator Kickboxing champ Denise Kielholtz next fight ‘in the cage’

Denise Kielholtz to return to MMA this winter Denise Kielholtz is the current Bellator Kickboxing women's flyweight champion, an MMA fighter, judo black belt and the proprietor of a new bakery in Amsterdam. In December...
UFC Fight Night Sydney: Mark Hunt vs Marcin Tybura

Mark Hunt wanted Top 5 opponent for UFC Sydney

UFC Fight Night 121 in Sydney: Mark Hunt vs Marcin Tybura Kiwi-Australian Mark Hunt (13-11-1) faces Marcin Tybura (16-2-0) of Poland on November 19 in Sydney. The heavyweight bout headlines UFC Fight Night 121 held...
Roach wants Pacquiao rematch Horn, then retire

Freddie Roach wants Manny Pacquiao retire after Jeff Horn rematch

Freddie Roach: "He wants to be President" Filipino Manny Pacquiao (59-7-2, 38 KOs) faced a defeat against Australian Jeff Horn (17–0–1) early last month at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. He also lost the World Boxing...
IFMA Muay Thai Youth World Championships 2017

Doping, education & sport discussed at IFMA Muay Thai Youth Worlds

Youth conference addresses healthy Muay Thai life IFMA Youth Worlds 2017 was held from 3 to 11 August in Bangkok, Thailand with 79 Nations participating. The happening known as the highlight event of the year...
James Heelan calls out John Wayne Parr post their Caged Muay Thai fight

James Heelan wants rematch John Wayne Parr, latter ‘happy’ to fight again

Caged Muay Thai 10: John Wayne Parr vs James Heelan - post-fight Australian John Wayne Parr and James Heelan of Ireland faced off in the main event at Caged Muay Thai 10 held on Friday...
Fighters life stress management

Fighters stress management for better performance

Opinion: Stress can prohibit you from training and fighting at optimal performance, whether an amateur or professional competitor. Often fighters stretch their physical limits by consistently training hard to achieve increased fitness and skill, but...
Muay Thai boxer Rob Powdrill partakes in Ozzie Toughman

Perth Muay Thai boxer Rob Powdrill in Ozzie Toughman

Rob Powdrill: Like buying a lotto ticket I guess The "Ozzie Toughman" tournament is held on August 12 on the Gold Coast. With a total of $50.000 in prize the program comprises two weight-division contests,...