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Billy Murray from Belfast, Northern Ireland is a former four-time kickboxing world champion in four different weight classes.

Billy Murray is also the WKN kickboxing director in Ireland, head trainer at ProKick Gym in East Belfast, promoter of numerous world-class events.

International Kickboxing returns to Northern Ireland

International Kickboxing returns to Belfast

International kickboxing made-in ProKick ProKick international kickboxing event takes place at Stormont Hotel in Belfast on Saturday February 18. The happening is the next edition of the world-class promotions by Billy Murray in Northern Ireland. "The...
Cathy McAleer defeats Beatrice Marcialis at kickboxing event Usual Suspects 3

Usual Suspects 3: McAleer defeats Marcialis in women’s kickboxing clash

International kickboxing returned to Northern Ireland this past Sunday June 11. The man credited with helping popularizing kickboxing in Ireland, Billy Murray presented the following edition of international events "Made-in ProKick". The Usual Suspects 3...
International kickboxing: The Usual Suspects 3 at Queens Hall Newtownards

The Usual Suspects 3: International Kickboxing at Queens Hall Newtownards

International kickboxing returns to Northern Ireland. A former four-time world champion Billy Murray presents the night of international kickboxing this Sunday in Newtownards. The Usual Suspects 3 is set for another spectacular "made-in ProKick" event held...
Billy Murray presents kickboxing event Usual Suspects 3 Newtownards

Kickboxing: The Usual Suspects return to Northern Ireland

International kickboxing returns to Queen's Hall Newtownards on June 11. Northern Ireland's kickboxing legends Billy Murray presents the next edition of international promotions "made-in ProKick". The Usual Suspects 3 is a seven-fight program with local...
World kickboxing champion Billy Murray thanks fansvideo

ProKick Legend Billy Murray Sends Message of Thanks

Former four-time kickboxing world champion Billy Murray appeared on BBC One on Monday. True North, series 8 Kick Me was dedicated to a prominent kickboxing team out Belfast, Northern Ireland, "ProKick". Founder and head coach Billy...
Billy Murray and kickboxing team Pro Kick appear on BBC Northern Irelandvideo

Living Kickboxing Life: “ProKick” Billy Murray on BBC

Billy Murray is a former kickboxing world champion out of Northern Ireland. In the 80's Billy Murray conquered the world of kickboxing in four different weight classes. Ever since he is a coach at ProKick...
Kickboxing champion Billy Murray changes lives at ProKick Belfast

Kickboxing Team ProKick Stars in True North on BBC One

Famed kickboxing squad out of Northern Ireland, ProKick appears in series 8, Kick Me. ProKick is a kickboxing academy in east Belfast. For over two decades its athletes represent the country internationally, partaking in numerous...
Usual Suspects Results - Kickboxing Newtownardsvideo

Usual Suspects: Smith Takes Decision, McAleer Earns TKO

The Usual Suspects made in ProKick are now in history. The fight show promoted by Billy Murray was the following chapter in the book of international kickboxing in Northern Ireland. Former four-time world champion and promoter since...
The Usual Suspects step in the ring tonight at Queens Hall Newtownardsvideo

The Usual Suspects Locked & Loaded

International kickboxing returns to Northern Ireland when the Usual Suspects step in the ring at Queens Hall Newtownards on Sunday February 6. The Usual Suspects is the following edition of "made in ProKick" events by...
Cathy McAleer takes on Kylie Cocker at the Usual Suspects Newtownards kickboxing show

The Usual Suspects II: McAleer Faces off Cocker

Cathy McAleer is fighting Kylie Cocker at The Usual Suspects II on Sunday February 5 in Newtownards, Northern Ireland. The Usual Suspects II is an international kickboxing show promoted by Billy Murray. The five-fight program headlines...
Billy Murray Promotes Usual Suspects at Queens Hall

The Usual Suspects Made in ProKick

The Usual Suspects II is an upcoming "Made in ProKick" event in Northern Ireland. Former world champion Billy Murray puts together the following extravaganza show reflecting The Usual Suspects (1995) movie. Queens Hall in Newtownards accommodates...
Billy Murray Promotes The Usual Suspects 2 Kickboxing Fight Show

Billy Murray Promotes The Usual Suspects II

Famed kickboxing promoter Billy Murray is hosting his next fight show The Usual Suspects II on Sunday, February 5, 2017 at Queens Hall, Newtownards, Northern Ireland. Former world kickboxing champion Billy Murray is always selective when...
BBC - How I Got Here: Billy Murray

Billy Murray Appears on BBC – How I Got Here

Legendary kickboxer from Belfast, Northern Ireland Billy Murray appears on BBC TV programme "How I Got Here". Billy Murray is a former four-time world champion in four different weight categories. He is also the man...
Michael Swann wins WKN title at ProKick Roadshow

ProKick Puts on Knockout Championship of Ireland

Michael Swann of ProKick Belfast KO's Cathal Dunne of Wolfpack Athlone in the WKN amateur kickboxing championship of Ireland. Swann vs Dunne headlined the ProKick Roadshow Back 'n' Ards on Saturday, September 17, 2016 at...
WKN Builds New Kickboxing Generation in Ireland

Kickboxing New Generation of Ireland Made-in ProKick

ProKick Roadshow Back 'n' Ards hits with a massive kickboxing card on Saturday, September 17, 2016 in Newtownards, Northern Ireland. ProKick Roadshow is an out of town event, when the eminent team from Belfast travels...