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Bradd Riddell is a super welterweight kickboxer and muaythai fighter from Auckland, New Zealand.

Toby Smith faces Brad Riddellvideo

Toby Smith takes on Brad Riddell on Nov. 24 in Melbourne

Toby Smith European debut scheduled for March 2019 Toby Smith emerges as one the busiest farangs in business at the moment. Earlier this month the Australian Muay Thai fighter stopped Slovakian Jakub Benko in the...
Caged Muay Thai 8 Results: Brad Riddell Wins vs John Wayne Parr

Brad Riddell Defeats John Wayne Parr in the Cage

First-string muay thai-boxer from New Zealand Brad Riddell wins a rematch against Australian legend John Wayne Parr on Friday March 4 on the Gold Coast. Brad Riddell and John Wayne Parr faced off for the second...
John Wayne Parr and Brad Riddell in Caged Muay Thai Fight

John Wayne Parr & Brad Riddell Will Be Locked In The Cage

Brad Riddell of New Zealand takes on Australian muaythai legend John Wayne Parr headlining Friday fights on March 4, 2016 on the Gold Coast. John Wayne Parr Always Fighting Parr and Riddell will square the differences following their...
John Wayne Parr Inside Caged Muay Thai

John Wayne Parr Always Fighting

Australian fight celebrity John Wayne Parr headlines the eighth edition of 'Caged Muay Thai' on the Gold Coast. The gala is taking place at Logan Metro Sports Centre on Friday, March 4. Parr is taking on the first-string New Zealander...

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