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Emiliano Rivera aka Noodles is an American heavyweight kickboxer. He is a nephew of John Wayne Parr from the side of his wife Angela Parr.

Emiliano Rivera in Muay Thai clash at CMT 8video

Caged Muay Thai: Noodles in the Octagon

Flashback: Emiliano 'Noodles' Rivera up against Tim Hartmann at Caged Muay Thai 8. Emiliano Rivera aka "Noodles" originally made the headlines in January 2016. He appeared in the footage that shows "The Super Samoan" himself,...
Noodles for revenge against Tim Hartmann

Noodles Jumps in Octagon to revenge Hartmann

Over 200 kilos will be in the cage when Emiliano Rivera is fighting Tim Hartmann next Friday on the Gold Coast. Infamous 'Noodles', Emiliano Rivera is an american teen who laughed after UFC star Mark Hunt punched...
Rivera Lost 35 kg Through Muay Thai

Noodles Can Change Your Life

The kid who UFC star Mark Hunt punched in the stomach tells his story. Emiliano Rivera, commonly known as 'Noodles' is a nephew of John Wayne Parr from the side of his wife Angie. Rivera is...
Mark Hunt Punches Noodles Emiliano Riveravideo

John Wayne Parr Films Mark Hunt Punching Noodles

This is something you will certainly not see every day. Mark Hunt has seriously heavy hands. Ask Antonio Silva. Or Roy Nelson. Or any of the 21 fighters the kickboxing and mixed martial arts star...