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Eminem, Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is an American rapper, record producer, and actor.

Eminem - River (Trailer: Boxing) ft. Ed Sheeranvideo

Watch: Eminem boxing in ‘River’ trailer

Eminem - River (Trailer: Boxing) ft. Ed Sheeran If you have ever wondered how Eminem would look like inside the square circle, now your dreams come true. In 2015 "The King of Rap" has reportedly...
Eminem Music Boosts Workout Performancevideo

Eminem Songs Lift Workout Performance By 10%

Researchers say that listening to music by the Rap Genius Eminem may boost your athletic performance. Almost 100 different artists had been studied before the Top 10 songs were found and combined in the playlist, titled as the...
Southpaw Movie Makes You Cry

Southpaw Movie Makes You Cry

Boxing drama Southpaw (2015) hit silver screen in Australia last night. Regardless how tough you may be, during over two hours of Southpaw movie, emotions and bugs are all over you and basically ripping you...
Eminem Supports Downtown Youth Boxing Gym

Eminem Supports Downtown Youth Boxing Gym

Marshall Mathers Foundation involved in fundraiser supporting the DBG Youth Program. The news came through the Instagram feed this morning, with Eminem sharing a promotional graphic concerning the happening, with the following caption: "Proud to have the #MMF...
Eminem and Jake Gyllenhaal Present Southpaw Dramavideo

Eminem Sated With Southpaw Outcome

Eminem and Jake Gyllenhaal make a surprise appearance at the screening of boxing drama in Detroit last Sunday. Southpaw boxing drama hits the Silver Screen with the premier this Friday, July 24. At the advance screening in Detroit, which is...
Jake Gyllenhaal Boxing Trainingvideo

Jake Gyllenhaal Training Boxing for Southpaw Movie

Hollywood movie star Jake Gyllenhaal had no idea about boxing. Southpaw boxing drama hits the theaters on July 24. The behind-the-scenes clip has been recently released showcasing Jake Gyllenhaal, starring as Billy Hope, training to...
Eminem Releases Kings Never Dievideo

Eminem Releases Kings Never Die Track for Southpaw Film

Southpaw (2015) boxing drama hits Silver Screen this month. Kings Never Die is a new soundtrack released this week by Rap King Eminem featuring Gwen Stefani. "Kings Never Die” is the second single from the Southpaw Soundtrack,...
Eminem Hits Southpaw Boxingvideo

Eminem Hits Boxing With Phenomenal For Southpaw

The Southpaw boxing drama is on its' way to the US silver screen in July this year. The anticipated 'Phenomenal' soundtrack by Eminem, that had being teased in the official movie trailer since a few months,...

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