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Farid Khider is a super welterweight kickboxer from the city Orly in Paris, France. His also a stand up comedian at the One Round Show and participant of the reality TV show La Ferme Célébrités.

Farid Khider Sends Greetings to Australiavideo

Farid Khider Sends Greetings to Australia

When some of the most successful people from across the world truly appreciate you, you realize that your living is not just an existence. My famed friend out of France Farid Khider sent us a video message. I have...
One Round Show by Farid Khider

Farid Khider Presents One Round Show

Former 6-time kick-boxing world champion from France, Farid Khider, presents his his new project the "One Round Show". Farid Khider entered the world of those from TV screen in 2010. He took part in the reality...
Farid Khider vs Jean-Charles Skarbowsky

Farid Khider vs Jean-Charles Skarbowsky

Two of some of the most famous and experienced muay thai kickboxers from France fought twice in 2005 and 2006. Farid Khider is the only Frenchman titled in all disciplines of "feet-fists fighting": kickboxing, muaythai, full contact,...
Farid Khider Wins 1M Dollarsvideo

Another Great Win for Farid Khider

French fighter and TV star Farid Khider KO's Las Vegas winning one million dollars. Farid Khider is the only french titled in all disciplines of feet-fists fighting. Among more than 200 fights in his record...
Farid Khider Appears on TV

Farid Khider From Boxing Ring to TV Star

Farid Khider is a unique Frenchman titled in all stand-up fighting styles that includes kickboxing, muaythai, savate, full contact and boxing. With the record of 208 fights Khider achieved Intercontinental title in Mexico, World championship...

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