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Ganryujima is a series of martial arts shows produced by a former executive of K-1 Sadaharu Tanikawa, in Tokyo, Japan, live on Fuji network.

MMA Ganryujima Maihama

Japanese MMA show Ganryujima starts 2018 season

Ganryujima: Out Enemy in Maihama Ganryujima is a Mixed Martial Arts promotion launched in 2015 in Japan. Aspiring to popularize the "Way of Samurai" the events feature numerous international competitors, who represent their respective Martial...
Ganryujima 8 Adauchi fight card

WKN announces Ganryujima 8 fight card

Japanese MMA promotion Ganryujima 8 is held on Saturday September 2 in Maihama. Ganryujima presents the "Way of Samurai" live on Fuji TV. The show features international competitors out of different disciplines battling out in...
Japanese MMA gala Ganryujima 8 is held on September 2 in Tokyo

Japanese MMA promotion Ganryujima schedules eighth show

MMA gala Ganryujima 8 is held on Saturday September 2 in Tokyo. Ganryujima is a Japanese Mixed Martial Arts promotion. It is known under the slogan and aspires to promote the "Way of Samurai". The producer...
President of the World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera becomes the official representative of Japanese Martial Arts project Ganryujima

WKN President Stephane Cabrera Becomes Rep of Ganryujima

Stephane Cabrera obtains the position of the international representative of Ganryujima. The President of the World Kickboxing Network, Stephane Cabrera is the man who needs no introduction. He is a devotee of kickboxing for over two...
MMA fight show Ganryujima 7 Tokyo returns on May 6 live on Fuji Network

WKN Announces MMA Show Ganryujima 7 Fight Card

Ganryujima 7 Tokyo returns live on Fuji network, Saturday May 6. "Ganryujima - Way of the Samurai" is a Japanese Mixed Martial Arts promotion presented by a former K-1 executive Sadaharu Tanikawa. The backbone is Fuji television network....
Ganryujima 10.21 Results: Katsunori Kikuno Takes All Asia Tournament

Katsunori Kikuno Wins All Asia Tourney at Ganryujima 10.21

Katsunori Kikuno takes All Asia 8-man martial arts tournament at Ganryujima 10.21 on Friday, October 21, 2016 live on air by Fuji Network in Tokyo, Japan. Japanese mixed martial artist Katsunori Kikuno earned three victories in...
Watch Ganryujima 10.21 Live o Fuji Network

Ganryujima 10.21 All Asia Tournament Airs Live on Fuji TV

Ganryujima 10.21 All Asia Martial Arts tournament airs live on Fuji Network on Friday, October 21, 2016 from Tokyo, Japan. Garyujima 10.21 is the fifth edition of the international Martial Arts series in Japan. All-Asia...
Ganryujima 10.21 Returns to Tokyo on October 21

WKN Releases Ganryujima 10.21 Fight Card

The fifth edition of Ganryujima Martial Arts fight shows is held on Friday, October 21, 2016 in Tokyo, Japan live on Fuji Network. World Kickboxing Network (WKN) continues its transcontinental collaboration in Japanese market. Indeed, the country of the...
Ganryujima 10.21 made in collaboration with WKN kickboxing

WKN Continues Collaboration With Ganryujima Fight Shows

WKN world office assists Ganryujima 10.21 that airs live on Fuji network on Friday, October 21, 2016 from Tokyo, Japan. World's leading kickboxing governing the World Kickboxing Network proceeds its transcontinental cooperation with the Ganryujima events...
Samurai Warriors Made-in Ganryujima IV Tokyo

Ganryujima IV Tokyo Fight Show Presents Samurai Warriors on Fuji Network

Ganryujima 7.31 fight show airs live on Fuji network on Sunday, 31st July 2016 at Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo again takes-in a spectacular Martial Arts event. This time it is the forth edition...
Ganryujima IV Fight Night Comes to Ariake Coliseum

Ganryujima & WKN Promote Tokyo Fight Night at Ariake Coliseum

Ganryujima IV fight night is held on Sunday 31st July at ten thousand seat Ariake Coliseum arena in Tokyo, Japan, broadcast by Fuji network. Ganryujima is a new Japanese project on FUJI network, established by...
Bharat Khandare KOs Kazuhisa Watanabe at Ganryujima Fight Night

WKN Top Team Fighters Show Class on Japan TV

Bharat Khandare and Jackie Gosh defeat Kazuhisa Watanabe and Kiyoshi Tamura at Ganryujima 3/25 on Friday March 25, 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. Indian Bharat Khandare took the first round knockout victory over Japanese star Kazuhisa Watanabe. Prior the...
Indian MMA fighter Bharat Khandare

Indian Fighter in Japanese Ganryujima Under WKN

Under the management of the World Kickboxing Network, Indian MMA competitor Bharat Khandare is taking part in the new Japanese fighting show 'Ganryujima' on Fuji Network. Khandare, 29, is a rare fighter that we see out of India. Featherweight...