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Jean-Claude Van Damme is a is a Belgian actor, martial artist, screenwriter, film producer, and director.

Mike Tyson faces off JCVD in Kickboxer: Retaliation movievideo

JCVD up against Mike Tyson in Kickboxer: Retaliation

Kickboxer: Retaliation (2017) is expected in theaters this fall. The film continues where Kickboxer: Vengeance left off. In summary the action starts twelve months after Kurt Sloane, portrayed by Alain Moussi, left Thailand. He finds...
Jean-Claude Van Damme Comes to Sydney and Melbourne

Jean-Claude Van Damme Visits Australia

Kickboxer himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme is coming to Australia with a two-date speaking tour in Sydney and Melbourne. Belgium-born Jean-Claude Van Damme, 55, is one of the most eminent Hollywood actors of all times. Renowned...
John Wayne Parr Meets Jean Claude Van Damme

Rare Photo: Jean-Claude Van Damme & John Wayne Parr

John Wayne Parr shares the photo of himself with Jean-Claude Van Damme in 1993. None of these men needs introduction. Jean-Claude Van Damme is as a martial artist who also competed in Karate and kickboxing semi and light...