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Jorge Acero Cali is a super heavyweight kickboxer, MMA fighter and politician from Escobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jorge Cali is back at training, coached by Fernando Munozvideo

Jorge ‘Acero’ Cali is back at training

Jorge "Acero" Cali gets ready for One More Round Argentine star Jorge Cali is back at training. Known as "Steel" (Spanish: Acero), he is the former World Kickboxing Network super cruiserweight champion, who has made...
WKN Kickboxing, Jorge Acero Calivideo

Argentine kickboxing star Jorge Acero Cali in one more round

Jorge Acero Cali - highlight video Known as "Steel", Argentine Jorge Acero Cali is a former World Kickboxing Network super cruiserweight champion, who has made three successful title defenses. Over the course of his career...
Jorge Acero Cali receives special WKN championship belt

Jorge Acero Cali receives special WKN belt at STB 15 Moreno

Jorge Acero Cali - Champion for Life Argentine "Acero" Jorge Cali is a former World Kickboxing Network super cruiserweight champion. His resume includes three defenses, as well as the victories against Brazilians Adul Ranmhemavo and...
Escobar in Octagon Results

Octagon Fiesta Beautifies Argentine Escobar

South American mega star Jorge Acero Cali presented Escobar in Octagon fight night on Saturday 16th April in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Escobar in Octagon showcased a combined Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts sports gala. Eleven-fight bill included nine stand-up...
Jorge Acero Cali presents Escobar in Octagon fight night

Escobar in Octagon Fight Night Made in Steel

On Saturday 16th April, former four-time WKN world champion from Argentina Jorge Acero Cali promotes Escobar in Octagon fight night. Escobar in Octagon is proudly presented by eminent Jorge Cali aka Acero who is...
Jorge Acero Cali promotes Escobar in the Octagon fight night

Jorge Acero Cali Installs Octagon in Argentine Escobar

WKN ambassador in South America Jorge Acero Cali promotes 'Escobar in the Octagon' fight night on Saturday 16th April. The 'Escobar in the Octagon' show fits in a busy schedule of WKN events in South America. We are ahead of 'Bosch Tour' in...
German Benitez New Argentine Boxing Star

Jorge Cali Awards WBO Latino Champion German Benitez

WKN kickboxing ambassador in South America Jorge 'Acero' Cali attended WBO boxing fight night in Garin, Buenos Aires on Saturday 5th March. The show has seen interim WBO Latino lightweight championship between Garin's local German Argentino Benitez,...
WKN Gold Ring proudly valued Worldwide

Exclusive WKN Gold Ring Precious Worldwide

Distinguished WKN gold ring 'Fightmag 10 Years + Acero to Victory' proudly valued across the Planet. Limited collection exclusive WKN 24K gold-plated with crystal rocks handmade ring is dedicated to Argentine former world kickboxing champion Jorge 'Acero' Cali...
Jorge Acero Cali becomes the president of Honorable Council in Escobar

Jorge Acero Cali Becomes President of HCD

Former four-time WKN kickboxing world champion from Argentina, Jorge Acero Cali has been voted as a new president of City Council of Escobar in Buenos Aires region. 'Acero' Cali reportedly replaced Hugo Cantero who was dismissed from...
Stephane Cabrera Supports Jorge Acero Cali

Stephane Cabrera: Power of Sport, Your Team, Your Family

WKN president Stephane Cabrera has returned to Europe from an intercontinental venture to South America. FIGHTMAG + Acero2015 Made in WKN Last week Stephane Cabrera has spent in Argentina, where he attended the political elections in...
Fightmag + Acero Gold Ring Made in WKN

Fightmag + Acero 2015 Made in WKN

WKN president Stephane Cabrera has made a historical transcontinental link between Australia and Argentina. By a coincidence or by the power of destiny, Fightmag 10 years here in Australia happens the same year as the...
Jorge Acero Cali for Bright Future of Escobar

Jorge Acero Cali: WKN Family To Victory in Argentina

The D-Day in political life of Argentina is happening this Sunday 25th October 2015. Jorge Cali - WKN World Champion for the future of Escobar. After retirement from fighting in the ring, South American kickboxing star...
Stephane Cabrera Presents Jorge Acero Cali With a Special Gift

Jorge Acero Cali Receives Special Present from WKN

Stephane Cabrera presents Jorge Acero Cali with a memorable booklet. The president of the World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera recently traveled to Argentina. Accompanied by Osman Yigin (WKN director in Belgium), kickboxing boss visited his...
Jorge Acero Cali Starts Political Career

Jorge Acero Cali: WKN Champion For Escobar Mayor

#Acero2015 states for the bright and solid future of the town of Escobar in the northern region of Buenos Aires when renowned South American kickboxer the WKN world champion Jorge Acero Cali is ready to perfect and take over. Jorge Acero...