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Nathan Corbett aka ‘Carnage’ is the former 11-time World Champion in Muay Thai from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Carnage Muay Thai seminar in the UKvideo

Carnage Striking: Karate and Muay Thai seminars in the UK

Carnage Diary Following our summer training camp in Montenegro, I've spent five nights in the United Kingdom, running multiple Carnage Striking seminars. Now I am off to Ireland for the next six nights. UK was a...
Nathan Corbett at Ronin-Carnage Global Summer Training Campvideo

Rewind Ronin-Carnage Global Summer Training Camp in Montenegro

Carnage Diary: Summer Camp 2018 complete Another successful Summer Training Camp complete, with this year being our third year in a row. The 2018 camp was held in June in the beautiful town of Tivat...
Carnage Muay Thai USA Seminarsvideo

Carnage Muay Thai Seminars 2018: West to East of the US, Europe scheduled

Carnage Diary: Chicago - Los Angeles - Europe After 9 weeks in America, traveling from the West to East coast and in between, I visited Chicago for two Carnage Seminars. One was held on Saturday...
Nathan Carnage Corbett in front of the Rocky Statue

Carnage Diary: East Coast adventures, Rocky Statue

After leaving Texas few weeks ago I traveled up to New Jersey for a few weeks of "Carnage Seminars" and personal training sessions. Discovering the East Coast vibes from New York, Jersey and Philadelphia. The...
Carnage Muay Thai Seminar Tour in the USAvideo

Carnage Diary: Muay Thai Seminar Tour throughout USA

Carnage Striking System It has just been over a month since my arrival in the US. Things are going well with the Carnage Seminars, making new friendships and business relationships. I've launched the Seminar Tour in...
Nathan Carnage Corbett Muay Thai trainingvideo

Watch: Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett Muay Thai training in the US

Nathan Corbett aka 'Carnage"" is the former world heavyweight champion in Muay Thai. For over a decade "Elbow Master" has held the title, and represented Australia internationally. Earlier this year he moved to the...
Buakaw Banchamek at Muay Thai Premier Leaguevideo

Watch: Muay Thai Premier League ‘Into the Fire’

Throwback Muay Thai Muay Thai Premier League emerged in September 2011. It quickly evolved into arguably the leading promotion to stage international events featuring some of the most prominent representatives of "The Art of Eight...
Nathan Corbett documentaryvideo

Nathan Corbett, Behind the Carnage with Dylan Zack

Nathan "Carnage" Corbett documentary by Ballast Films Known as "Carnage", Nathan Corbett is the former eleven-time World Champion from the Gold Coast, Australia. He is one of the most recognizable Westerners ever competed in Muay...
Carnage USA transitionvideo

Carnage Diary: Move to the US

Carnage USA Transition My move to America was first inspired because of the lack of Muay Thai in Australia. The golden era lasted from 2002 to 2012. I was of course at the top of my...
Nathan Carnage Corbettvideo

Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett documentary preview

Carnage Diary Recently, a good friend of mine and client and I were talking after a training session. He was querying the mindset of fighting in the ring, and the mental preparation required. He was...
Nathan Corbett Muay Thai sparring 2018video

Watch ‘Carnage’ Nathan Corbett sparring three years since last fight

Nathan Corbett vs. Nase Foai sparring 2018 If you've ever wondered what are the elite fighters busy with after they hang up the gloves here is a sneak peak into life of 'Carnage' Nathan Corbett....
Nathan Corbett Muay Thai Low kick

Muay Thai Carnage: Leg Kicker

The art of Muay Thai is known globally for its powerful weapons of kicks, knees and elbows with their unbelievable conditioning As a young man I started in Karate which was a wonderful place to...
Nathan Carnage Corbett

Carnage Diary: Muay Thai Striking Seminars

As I'm on my way to Sydney for yet another Carnage Seminar I have learnt to use the time on my flights to reflect and create. It has been great and gives me the...
Muay Thai Australia Youth

The Future of Muay Thai Australia

Carnage Diary: Future Champions The future of Muay Thai Australia is looking strong, as the Siam Cup promotion is giving them the opportunity to grow and become the next generation of champions. Saturday 16th December I...
Be on guard to the gateway of your mind

Be on guard to the gateway of your mind

Carnage Diary A seed of the earth is no different to the seed of my mind, and in which I had planted them on the same occasion. I had planted both seeds without the realization...