Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Parviz Iskenderov is a Belarusian super flyweight muaythai fighter from Perth, Australia.

Team Australia at World Muay Thai Championships

Throwback: Team Australia at Muay Thai World Championships 2009

Late last month I've reminisced the participation at IFMA 2001 European Cup in Odessa. Today, when we are only a few weeks away from the historic happening with Muay Thai making its debut at The World...
Perth Muay Thai training with Rob Powdrill

Perth Muay Thai Training Impressions

Three days in Western Australia have been full of action. The State of WA is known as one of the two best Muay Thai territories in Australia. While Melbourne has been known as the kickboxing...
Perth muaythai fighters Rob Powdrill and Parviz Iskenderov trainingvideo

Rob Powdrill, Muay Thai, Everything new is well-forgotten old

Reminiscing the days of pain, thanks to Rob Powdrill. Rob Powdrill returns to Muay Thai action on Friday July 14 here in Perth. He is fighting Harald Olsen in the headliner of the Thunderdome promotion...
IFMA Muay Thai European Cup

Throwback: IFMA Muay Thai European Cup 2001

IFMA Muay Thai European Cup 2001 was held from May 21 to May 27 in Odessa, Ukraine. IFMA European Cup 2001 was the first time when I have heard of Muay Thai aspiration towards Olympics....
Australian fighter to partake in Girl Power kickboxing series on European television network SFR Sport 5

Australian kickboxer in Girl Power series on European TV

Blog: Girl Power out of Australia Girl Power is a series of female kickboxing tournaments live on SFR Sport 5. To date we have presented two shows, with ten more series ahead. The producer is...
Sylvester Stallone is a motivational speaker for over ten years

Sylvester Stallone: It’s about how much you can take

Sylvester Stallone is a Motivational Speaker for over a decade. On Thursday Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone posted the Rocky vs Drago photo on his profile on Instagram. The throwback reflects the 1985 film Rocky IV. "Drago...
Steve Smoger sends greetings to Parviz Iskenderov a few hours prior the broadcast of the Girl Power kickboxing tournament, produced by the Bigger's Better Boxing on European network SFR Sportvideo

Bigger’s Better Sends Greetings to Australia

Here it is, a glorious team behind the production of the Bigger's Better Boxing. Jean-Christophe Courreges, Jean-Philippe Lustyk, Bruno Wartelle, Klaus Hagemann, Steve Smoger and Stephane Cabrera put together the Girl Power kickboxing tournament last Friday in Bulgaria. The show...
Parviz Iskenderov supports female kickboxing TV show Girl Power on European television

Support Girl Power Kickboxing from Australia

There are only two days away from our next kickboxing show Girl Power. The event this Friday is a relaunch of the Bigger's Better series. Last week I've blogged about those dedicatedly working behind the...
Stephane Cabrera talks Australian kickboxing

Stephane Cabrera: In Australia it’s all thanks to Parviz Iskenderov

Since the Throwback Thursday is still a popular trend, here is a three-year flashback with the king in kickboxing Stephane Cabrera. In the exclusive 2014 FIGHTMAG release Stephane Cabrera talks 20 years history. He shares historical...
Rob Powdril is a Rare Person

Rob Powdrill: The Name to Remind

Rob Powdrill is another great friend I have thanks to WKN. Back in 2010 Rob Powdrill featured on the main card at our Domination 4 promotion John Wayne Parr vs Dmitry Valent for the WKN super...
Watch Parviz Iskenderov Muay Thai Highlightvideo

Watch This Muay Thai Highlight Reel

This footage includes some of my old muaythai fights from back home in Belarus as well as a few recent ones from over here in Australia. This clip was put together last April, a couple...
Parviz Iskenderov

Friendship Made in Muay Thai: Darren Curovic & Alex James

It's not really a throwback Thursday or anything, but I feel like sharing these few photographs with Darren Curovic and Alex James from August 11, 2010. Darren Curovic is the man guilty for developing Muay...
Top Sangmorakot Presents Top Teamvideo

Top Team with Top Sangmorakot and Misagh Norouzi

Since early 2015 we are united in one prominent Top Team with Top Sangmorakot and Misagh Norouzi. Reflecting back on the recent couple of years, my number one recollection is, hands down, our Top Team....
Nemesis Fight Shows Release Chadd Collins vs Parviz Iskenderov Full Fight Videovideo

Nemesis Fight Shows release Collins vs Iskenderov full fight video

Nemesis Fights Shows release Chadd Collins vs Parviz Iskenderov for the WKN super lightweight muaythai Australian title full fight video. Super lightweight Collins vs Iskenderov national championship went ahead in the main card of Nemesis...
Chadd Collins Fighting at Nemesis 11 Perthvideo

Top Ranked Chadd Collins Tops Up Nemesis 11 Perth

Chadd Collins will jet to Perth from Gold Coast to take on Parviz Iskenderov in the WKN Australian championship on Saturday 21st May. Chadd Collins, 20, is a first string Australia's super-lightweight muay thai-boxer from...