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SEiZA is a sports organization that promotes the girl’s Budo entertainment events in Tokyo, Japan.

Statement on scam by Yamaguchi Noboru, head of SEiZA Japan

Scam reported: Yamaguchi Noboru, SEiZA Girl’s Budo Entertainment Japan

WKN statement on alleged scam by Yamaguchi Noboru, head of SEiZA Japan "As one of the leaders in the world of combat sports, we feel the responsibility to warn the public and other sports groups...
MMA fight night Seiza 3 is held on July 28 in Tokyo

Girl’s Budo Entertainment SEiZA schedules third episode

The next event of Japanese MMA promotion SEiZA is held on Friday July 28 in Tokyo. SEiZA is a women's Mixed Martial Arts contest. Sub-titled as the "Girl's Budo Entertainment" the project of Noboru Yamaguchi aspires to...
Girl's Budo Entertainment Seiza 5/11 is held on May 11 in Tokyo

Girl’s Budo: Seiza vs Zen Do Kai fight card announced

SEiZA 5/11 is held on May 11 at Korakuen Hall Girl's Budo Entertainment SEiZA promotes it second event following the debut held in January. The show is a female MMA contest under the adopted rules for...
World Kickboxing Network president Stephane Cabrera talks Japanese Martial Arts project SEiZA

Stephane Cabrera Expects Development of SEiZA

President of the WKN, Stephane Cabrera believes in the rise of a new Japanese Martial Arts project for women. Stephane Cabrera traveled to Japan in January. He opened the season with two shows held in Tokyo....
SEiZA 5/11 Returns to Korakuen Hall Tokyo on May 11video

SEiZA 5/11: Girl’s Budo Promotes Second Show

Japanese MMA promotion announces SEiZA 5/11 on May 11 in Tokyo. "Following an outstanding debut event on January 19, CEO of SEiZA Mr Yamaguchi announces the second edition on May 11 at famous Korakuen Hall...
Team SEiZA Defeats Team Greece

Girl’s Budo Fight Show: Team SEiZA Defeats Team Greece

Girl's Budo entertainment "SEiZA" makes its debut on Thursday January 19 in Tokyo. The mixed martial arts event saw the WKN Top Team out of Greece facing off an international selection of Team SEiZA. The representative...
Team Greece vs World at SEiZA Budo in Tokyo

SEiZA Girl’s Budo: Greece vs The World in Japan

Mixed martial arts show SEiZA is held on Thursday, January 19, 2017 in Tokyo. SEiZA is the first professional women's Budo entertainment. The actual meaning of the word "Budo" characterizes the modern martial arts in Japan....
WKN Top Team Greece Takes Part at the SEiZA Girl's Budo Entertainment in Japan

SEiZA Presents Girl’s Budo Entertainment

SEiZA launches the Girl's Budo Entertainment on Thursday, January 19, 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. Budo is a term that describes the modern martial arts in Japan. The translation of Budo is the "Martial Way" and...

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