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Sergio Batarelli is a founder of International Vale Tudo Championship (IVC) in Brazil. He is also the WKN kickboxing international promoter.

Felipe Micheletti wins WKN kickboxing World title

WKN Returns IVC to the World’s Stage

Felipe Micheletti defeats Rogelio Ortiz in the WKN kickboxing championship of the world, headlining the return of the International Vale Tudo Championship. Prestigious WKN world title belt was for grabs in the main event of...
Kickboxing World Championship Micheletti Vs Ortiz Headlines IVC Sorocaba Fight Night

World Championship Kickboxing Takes Over Olympic Flame

WKN kickboxing world championship Felipe Micheletti Vs Rogelio Ortiz headlines IVC 15 on Saturday, 20th August 2016 in Sorocaba, Brazil. The fight week has come when the WKN world championship marks the new era of...
WKN Brazil Promotes Kickboxing World Championship

World Championship Kickboxing Comes to Brazil

Brazilian Felipe Micheletti faces Argentine Rogelio Ortiz in the WKN kickboxing world championship on Saturday, 20th August 2016 in Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Eminent promoter Sergio Batarelli brings together Micheletti and Ortiz to square the differences...
Sergio Baterelli Begins Kickboxing Promotions with WKN

Double Impact: Sergio Batarelli Returns to Kickboxing

'Premier Kickboxing' series begin on July 2 in Paraguay when the powerful alliance launches a new international project under the umbrella of WKN. World Kickboxing Network reportedly made a new agreement with famous Brazilian promoter, former world kickboxing...

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