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Stephane Cabrera is a world president of the World Kickboxing Network (WKN®). He is a co-producer of the Bigger’s Better series of boxing tournaments on Eurosport and founder of Simply The Best world series on SFR Sport 5. Cabrera is also the IVC vice-president and a former representative of ISKA in Europe.

WKN Kickboxing returns to Tanzania

World Kickboxing Network returns to Africa

WKN Directors visit Tanzania Kickboxing in Africa is about to get on a new level. WKN President Stephane Cabrera and the former World Champion Osman Yigin are scheduled to visit Tanzania on a ten-day trip,...
WKN Kickboxing title belt

New WKN championship belt presented

World Kickboxing Network The World Kickboxing Network (WKN) is widely known by the slogan "Simply the Best" for over two decades now. A few days before Christmas, prestigious sports governing presents two new models of...
World Kickboxing Network year in review

World Kickboxing Network rewind 2017

Press release: WKN - 2017 Year in Review Prestigious governing body, World Kickboxing Network finalizes a successful year of popularizing kickboxing across the Globe. During the last twelve months the organization has held over 100...
Stephane Cabrera with Jevgenijs Sapronenko and Vadim Lasenko

WKN President Stephane Cabrera visits Latvia

World Kickboxing Network - Latvia Earlier this week WKN World President Stephane Cabrera has traveled to Latvia, where he had a meeting with some of the leading characters in the country's sporting community. The discussion...
Jorge Acero Cali receives special WKN championship belt

Jorge Acero Cali receives special WKN belt at STB 15 Moreno

Jorge Acero Cali - Champion for Life Argentine "Acero" Jorge Cali is a former World Kickboxing Network super cruiserweight champion. His resume includes three defenses, as well as the victories against Brazilians Adul Ranmhemavo and...
President of the World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera becomes the official representative of Japanese Martial Arts project Ganryujima

WKN President Stephane Cabrera Becomes Rep of Ganryujima

Stephane Cabrera obtains the position of the international representative of Ganryujima. The President of the World Kickboxing Network, Stephane Cabrera is the man who needs no introduction. He is a devotee of kickboxing for over two...
WKN kickboxing president Stephane Cabrera creates The Fighting Network

WKN Head Stephane Cabrera Creates The Fighting Network

President of the World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera establishes a new concept called TFN. Stephane Cabrera is a world renowned devotee of kickboxing. For almost 25 years the WKN head has been developing and promoting...
WKN president Stephane Cabrera talks Simply The Best kickboxing series

WKN Kickboxing Head: World Title Shot Must Be Deserved

President of the World Kickboxing Network, Stephane Cabrera announces the third season of "Simply The Best". Stephane Cabrera revealed the dates of the "Simply The Best" 2017. He spoke to Les Infos du Fight announcing six...
World Kickboxing Network president Stephane Cabrera talks Japanese Martial Arts project SEiZA

Stephane Cabrera Expects Development of SEiZA

President of the WKN, Stephane Cabrera believes in the rise of a new Japanese Martial Arts project for women. Stephane Cabrera traveled to Japan in January. He opened the season with two shows held in Tokyo....
Stephane Cabrera talks Ganryujima and SEiZA

Stephane Cabrera: Fighting Sports to Dimension of Art

President of the World Kickboxing Network, Stephane Cabrera recently spoke to Japanese media. Established in 1994 the WKN, organization known by its slogan "Simply The Best", operates on every part of the Planet. It sanctions...
Stephane Cabrera Talks Kickboxing World Cupvideo

Stephane Cabrera: I’m Very Proud to Have This Event in Tehran

The president of the WKN, Stephane Cabrera sends a video message at the press conference for Kickboxing World Cup 2017. World Cup is a twelve-nation fiesta organized on March 10 in Tehran. The happening is the...
Stephane Cabrera talks Australian kickboxing

Stephane Cabrera: In Australia it’s all thanks to Parviz Iskenderov

Since the Throwback Thursday is still a popular trend, here is a three-year flashback with the king in kickboxing Stephane Cabrera. In the exclusive 2014 FIGHTMAG release Stephane Cabrera talks 20 years history. He shares historical...
Stephane Cabrera Expands Kickboxing Network in Korea

Stephane Cabrera: WKN Family Spirit in Korea

The president of the World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera is currently in Seoul. Early this month Stephane Cabrera traveled to Asia, opening the 2017 season. On January he has attended the Ganryujima 6 martial arts...
WKN Kickboxing President Stephane Cabrera Appears on FightBox HD Podcastvideo

Stephane Cabrera Appears on FightBox Knockout Podcast

Kickboxing boss Stephane Cabrera shares his professional opinion and expertise with Don Roid on FightBox podcast. The World Kickboxing Network (WKN) president Stephane Cabrera is involved in the industry of the fighting sports for over...
WKN Promotes Kickboxing Championship in Iran

WKN Kickboxing Leads National Championship of Iran

WKN promotes Iranian national kickboxing championship on Thursday, 11th August 2016 in Tehran, Iran. World Kickboxing Network (WKN) is the world's leading governing body for all disciplines of kickboxing. For over 20 years it develops...