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Tyrone Spong is a Surinamese-Dutch heavyweight kickboxer and boxer out of Holland.

Tyrone Spong and Remy Bonjasky talk Badr Harivideo

Tyrone Spong would fight Badr Hari: send me a cheque

Tyrone Spong and Remy Bonjasky talk Badr Hari Kickboxing legends Tyrone Spong and Remy Bonjasky were among attendees at GLORY 51 held this past Saturday (March 3) in Rotterdam. The event was headlined by the...
Tyrone Spong continues boxing career with nine KOs recorded to date

Tyrone Spong continues knockout journey in boxing

Tyrone Spong KO's Juan Carlos Salas The man known as "The King of the Ring" Tyrone Spong featured on the card at the "Brave Warriors in Action" on Saturday night in Mexico. The Pay-Per-View event was streamed live...
Muaythai champion Nathan Corbett talks his fights and friendships with kickboxing stars Gokhan Saki and Tyrone Spong

The Night the Universe Took Three Greats out of Kickboxing

Glory 15 Kickboxing - 4/12/14 Istanbul, Turkey I was talking to Tyrone Spong about this today and he said that was all of our last night as kickboxers. Of course it wasn't the plan. Well...
Australian muay thai star Nathan Carnage Corbett talks about the fight against Tyrone Spong at the FightBox Podcast with Don Roidvideo

Nathan Corbett: Spong Was Probably The Hardest

Nathan "Carnage" Corbet confirms retirement on episode 111 of The FightBox Podcast. Nathan Corbett (59, 44 KOs - 5 - 1) is an eleven-time Muay Thai world champion. He is one of the most successful...

Tyrone Spong Already Walking 40 Hours After Surgery

Tyrone Spong suffered a horrible leg injury last Saturday in Istanbul. He was flown back to states where the surgery was done. The title videos states ' Tyrone Superman??' which might be the truth... watch Description under...
Rafi Zoufeir vs Tyrone Spong

Tyrone Spong vs Rafi Zoufeir

The World Kickboxing Network shares two photographs from the archive of Tyrone "The King of the Ring" Spong vs Rafi Zoufeir. The images are accompanied by the 2004 report which is presented below. Last Sunday, october 17th 2004 the second...

Nathan Corbett and Tyrone Spong by Glory World Series

Nathan Carnage Corbett are Tyrone The King of the Ring Spong are fighting one another on October 12, 2013 in Chicago, IL, USA. Nathan 'Carnage' Corbett is the undisputed best light-heavyweight in Australia and one...

Nathan Carnage Corbett Robbed of Win

GOLD Coast Muay Thai boxing warrior Nathan 'Carnage' Corbett was an angry man in Montego Bay, Jamaica, yesterday after being controversially robbed of the greatest win of his career. Five-time world champion Corbett knocked out...

Carnage vs Spong – No Contest in Jamaica

A controversial no contest after what seemed like a TKO victory by Australian kickboxer Nathan "Carnage" Corbett over "King" Tyrone Spong was waved off - a late strike by Carnage resulted in a protest...

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