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WKN Top Team is an international sports team organized by the World Kickboxing Network.

French kickboxing star Amel Dehby

French kickboxing star Amel Dehby lines up three bouts

WKN Top Team: Amel Dehby The 26-year-old Amel Dehby (30-1-0) is the most recognizable name, representing women's kickboxing out of France. She is the reigning WKN World bantamweight champion, including three succesful title defenses. In...
Laetitia Madjene in Kunlun Fight womens kickboxing tournament final

Kunlun Fight 64: Laetitia Madjene faces Wang Kehan in women’s kickboxing tournament final

Kickboxing promotion Kunlun Fight 64 is held on July 15 in Chongqing. Kunlun Fight 64 is the following edition of Chinese kickboxing series. The event held in Chongqing is a large sixteen-fight program featuring local...
Laetitia Madjene of WKN Top Team partakes in kickboxing gala Kunlun Fight 61

Kunlun Fight 61: Laetitia Madjene in women’s kickboxing tourney semi-finals

"Miss Dynamite" Laetita Madjene in semi-finals of Kunlun Fight women's kickboxing tournament. Chinese kickboxing event Kunlun Fight 61 is held on Saturday May 13 in Sanya. The program is an international fight bill that features one of the...
Laetitia Madjene battles in the final of Kunlun Fight women's kickboxing tournament

Kickboxing: Laetitia Madjene in Finale at Kunlun Fight 60

Laetitia Madjene battles out in the final of the Kunlun Fight 8-woman tournament. Prominent kickboxer out of Jacou, France Laetitia Madjene, 30, (25, 8 KOs - 3 - 1) features on the card at Kunlun Fight...
Pavol Garaj is going up against Harut Grigorian at Glory 39 Kickboxing Super Fight Series

Pavol Garaj Joins WKN Kickboxing Top Team for Glory 39

Pavol Garaj is going up against Harut Grigorian at Glory 39 Super Fight Series on March 25 in Brussels. Pavol Garaj is a prominent competitor out of Slovakia. He is fighting out of Body Gym under...
Amel Dehby Defeats Jiwaen Lee

Amel Dehby Advances in GLORY tournament

Amel Dehby earns a unanimous decision over Jiwaen Lee at Glory 35 Nice fight night on Saturday, November 5, 2016 in Nice, France. Amel Dehby (28-0-0) is France's undefeated kickboxer representing the WKN Top Team. She...
Laetitia Madjene defeats Candice Mitchell

Laetitia Madjene Victorious at Kunlun 54

Laetitia Madjene defeats Candice Mitchell in the quarter-finals of Kunlun's 8 Women tournament on Sunday, October 30, 2016 in Wuhan, China. French featherweight kickboxer Laetitia Madjene traveled to China as a new inductee of the...
Laetitia Madjene Faces off Candice Mitchell at Kunlun 54

Laetitia Madjene Represents WKN Top Team at Kunlun 54

Laetitia Madjene takes part at 8 woman kickboxing tournament at Kunlun 54 event on Sunday, October 30, 2016 in Wuhan, China. Laetitia Madjene aka Miss Dynamite tops up the list of the WKN managed fighters. The...
Tomas Mozny Represents WKN Top Team

Giant Slovak Tomas Mozny Heads WKN Fight Nights

Spinning heavyweight Facebook sensation The Giant Slovak Tomas Mozny is fighting at two major kickboxing events on European soil. Tomas Mozny, 26, aka 'The Giant Slovak' is a prominent super heavyweight from Kosice, Slovakia. He...
Stephane Cabrera Expands WKN Top Team

Kickboxing Boss Stephane Cabrera Presents WKN Top Team

The president of the World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera expands horizons for the WKN Top Team. Stephane Cabrera, the Frenchman known for developing kickboxing across the Planet, spoke to fightmag.com.au about his newly established WKN Top...
Bharat Khandare KOs Kazuhisa Watanabe at Ganryujima Fight Night

WKN Top Team Fighters Show Class on Japan TV

Bharat Khandare and Jackie Gosh defeat Kazuhisa Watanabe and Kiyoshi Tamura at Ganryujima 3/25 on Friday March 25, 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. Indian Bharat Khandare took the first round knockout victory over Japanese star Kazuhisa Watanabe. Prior the...