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World Kickboxing Network (WKN) is the world’s major¬†governing body for all disciplines of kickboxing.

WKN returns to Thailand

World Kickboxing Network returns to Thailand

WKN is back in Phuket on April 10 Prestigious sport's governing WKN returns to the birth place of "The Art of Eight Limbs" on Tuesday April 10. The upcoming event takes place in Phuket, making...
WKN Championship belt

WKN International championship belt arrives in three color-styles

New WKN championship belt: Model 1 Prestigious sport's governing World Kickboxing Network presented two new models of its championship belt last December. On Tuesday the organization shared the photos of the first one, which has...
World Kickboxing Network returns to Africa

World Kickboxing Network appoints members in Tanzania

Kickboxing Africa The WKN head officials Stephane Cabrera and Osman Yigin are on the ten-day journey to East Africa. The delegation arrived last Sunday. The visit to city Zanzibar in Tanzania "follows the 2016 development...
WKN Directors in Tanzania

WKN Directors visit Tanzania

Kickboxing in Africa Kickboxing in Africa gets on a new level. WKN President Stephane Cabrera and former 16-time World Champion Osman Yigin arrived to Tanzania earlier today (February 25) on a ten-day journey aimed to...
WKN World kickboxing championships comes to Mayotte

WKN brings world-class kickboxing to Mayotte, Indian Ocean

Three WKN titles at stake in Mayotte Kickboxing World Championship comes to French region Mayotte on Saturday July 28. It is the first time when an archipelago in the Indian Ocean (between Madagascar and the...
WKN Kickboxing returns to Tanzania

World Kickboxing Network returns to Africa

WKN Directors visit Tanzania Kickboxing in Africa is about to get on a new level. WKN President Stephane Cabrera and the former World Champion Osman Yigin are scheduled to visit Tanzania on a ten-day trip,...
WKN announces kickboxing event in Guadeloupe

WKN Kickboxing returns to Caribbean

Kickboxing Guadeloupe The World Kickboxing Network tops-up the calendar with the event scheduled for March 31 in The Caribbean. The event promoted by Fred Audoui is held in Guadeloupe, with six regional titles featured on...
World Kickboxing Network starts new season

World Kickboxing Network enters 2018 with eight scheduled events

WKN event calendar Prestigious sports governing body World Kickboxing Network starts a new season with eight events already featured on the calendar. In 2017 the organization has held over hundred international events across the Globe....
WKN Kickboxing title belt

New WKN championship belt presented

World Kickboxing Network The World Kickboxing Network (WKN) is widely known by the slogan "Simply the Best" for over two decades now. A few days before Christmas, prestigious sports governing presents two new models of...
World Kickboxing Network year in review

World Kickboxing Network rewind 2017

Press release: WKN - 2017 Year in Review Prestigious governing body, World Kickboxing Network finalizes a successful year of popularizing kickboxing across the Globe. During the last twelve months the organization has held over 100...
WKN Kickboxing championship weekend set in Spain and France

WKN finalizes the year with two world-class events in Europe

Finalizing the year, World Kickboxing Network, prestigious sports governing body, is again set for a busy weekend with two world-class promotions in France and Spain. Saturday December 16 is a "D-Day" featuring three international...
Marreta Correa Promotion

WKN announces Marreta Correa Promotion in Brazil

The Official K-1 Open International kickboxing returns to Brazil with "Marreta Correa Promotion" this coming Saturday December 9. The event takes place at Estacao da Bola in Florianopolis. Marreta Correa Promotion is an additional event that...
Stephane Cabrera with Jevgenijs Sapronenko and Vadim Lasenko

WKN President Stephane Cabrera visits Latvia

World Kickboxing Network - Latvia Earlier this week WKN World President Stephane Cabrera has traveled to Latvia, where he had a meeting with some of the leading characters in the country's sporting community. The discussion...
WKN kickboxing championship belt

WKN Kickboxing championship weekend in Belgium, Greece & Germany

The dust has barely settled after Simply the Best 15 Moreno held last Sunday in South American Argentina. Nevertheless, the major kickboxing governing, World Kickboxing Network holds three championship events already this weekend in...
Klaus Hagemann, WKN Kickboxing Germany

World Kickboxing Network announces two championship events in Germany

WKN German national championships have been scheduled for the next two months. Germany has been known as the country to stage some of the biggest boxing matches on European soil. It is also the place...