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World Kickboxing Network (WKN) is the world’s major governing body for all disciplines of kickboxing.

WKN Kickboxing championship weekend set in Spain and France

WKN finalizes the year with two world-class events in Europe

Finalizing the year, World Kickboxing Network, prestigious sports governing body, is again set for a busy weekend with two world-class promotions in France and Spain. Saturday December 16 is a "D-Day" featuring three international...
Marreta Correa Promotion

WKN announces Marreta Correa Promotion in Brazil

The Official K-1 Open International kickboxing returns to Brazil with "Marreta Correa Promotion" this coming Saturday December 9. The event takes place at Estacao da Bola in Florianopolis. Marreta Correa Promotion is an additional event that...
Stephane Cabrera with Jevgenijs Sapronenko and Vadim Lasenko

WKN President Stephane Cabrera visits Latvia

World Kickboxing Network - Latvia Earlier this week WKN World President Stephane Cabrera has traveled to Latvia, where he had a meeting with some of the leading characters in the country's sporting community. The discussion...
WKN kickboxing championship belt

WKN Kickboxing championship weekend in Belgium, Greece & Germany

The dust has barely settled after Simply the Best 15 Moreno held last Sunday in South American Argentina. Nevertheless, the major kickboxing governing, World Kickboxing Network holds three championship events already this weekend in...
Klaus Hagemann, WKN Kickboxing Germany

World Kickboxing Network announces two championship events in Germany

WKN German national championships have been scheduled for the next two months. Germany has been known as the country to stage some of the biggest boxing matches on European soil. It is also the place...
Fight Night Saint Tropez 2017 fight card comprises kickboxing and Muay Thai bouts

Kickboxing VIP event Fight Night Saint Tropez full fight card

Kickboxing heavyweight bout Verlinden vs Chalykh completes Fight Night Saint Tropez matchmaking. One of the most glamorous sporting events in the world, Fight Night Saint Tropez marks its fifth anniversary. The VIP event held on...
Zorka Stojanovic challenges for WKN MMA title at Brcko Fight Night 5

WKN announces MMA championship at Brcko Fight Night 5

Zorka Stojanovic challenges for the WKN International MMA title. Brcko Fight Night 5 is held on August 19 at Blatusa Stadium. The event is the following MMA promotion by Borislav Vujanovic in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Zorka...
WKN announces kickboxing event Collision Fighting League in Serbia

World Kickboxing Network announces show in Serbia with Rade Opacic & Marina Spasic

Rade Opacic and Marina Spacic are expected at the WKN kickboxing promotion "Collision Fighting League" in September 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia. International kickboxing returns to Serbia with "Collision Fighting League" held this September in Belgrade....
Ganryujima 8 Adauchi fight card

WKN announces Ganryujima 8 fight card

Japanese MMA promotion Ganryujima 8 is held on Saturday September 2 in Maihama. Ganryujima presents the "Way of Samurai" live on Fuji TV. The show features international competitors out of different disciplines battling out in...
Ondrej Hutnik faces off Sergej Maslobojev for WKN kickboxing European title

WKN returns to Czech with European Kickboxing Championship

Yangames Fight Night Open Air Yangames Fight Night is held on July 27 at Zlute Lazne. The open air show is the second event promoted by the WKN in Czech Republic this year. It follows...
World Kickboxing Networks adds Hungary and Thailand to event calendar

World Kickboxing Network announces shows in Hungary and Thailand

WKN adds to calendar two more international kickboxing promotions. The dust has barely settled post the Rebuy Stars Fight Night in Slovakia but the major kickboxing federation, the World Kickboxing Network already announces two more...
WKN kickboxing supports Unifight championships in Romania

World Kickboxing Network supports Unifight championship in Romania

Unifight National Championship of Romania 2017 Unifight is a competitive training system with military applications. It is a method of training and control, where the application of notions and skills learned in a full-contact system,...
Fouquet vs Zubco: WKN kickboxing European championship headlines Phenix 9 in Trets, France

WKN promotes European kickboxing championship in French Trets

Phenix 9: Fouquet vs Zubco for WKN European super cruiserweight title International fight fiesta Phenix 9 is held on July 1 in Trets. The event is a mixed gala comprising kickboxing and muaythai bouts. The WKN title...
Dong Su Kim vs Allan Gozdzicki for the WKN World kickboxing title headlines ICX Seoul 2017

WKN announces Kickboxing World Championship in Korea

Gozdzicki vs Su Kim for WKN World lightweight kickboxing title Kickboxing gala ICX Seoul is held on May 14 at the 4.600-seat Jangchung Gymnasium. The happening is the first in history of Korea when the WKN...
WKN organization kickboxing European and world championships in Belgium and Poland

WKN announces two pro-amateur kickboxing championships

The World Kickboxing Network schedules two pro-amateur championship events in Belgium and Poland. The WKN world office added two more shows to its calendar. This month the organization promotes seven world championship bouts in France (Full Contact...