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World Muaythai Angels is the 57 kg women’s muaythai international tournament.

Muay Thai Angels Season 2 Final

Muay Thai Angels final round fight card announced

World Muay Thai Angels: Super Four Women's contest Muay Thai Angels takes place at Sports Authority of Thailand in Bangkok, this Saturday December 16. The event is the final round of the single-elimination tournament at...
Muaythai Angels

Date set for World Muay Thai Angels final

Muaythai Angels season 2 final The final of World Muay Thai Angels is held on Saturday December 16. The venue accommodating the event has not yet been formally announced, however according to sources the championship...
Muay Thai Angels Season 2video

Muay Thai Angels semifinal round video report

World Muaythai Angels The second round of the women's contest "Muay Thai Angels" was held this past Saturday November 18 at U-Tapao International Airport in Phla, Thailand. The televised event featured a series of international...
Chommanee Taehiran, Muay Thai Angels

Muay Thai Angels semi-final bouts go the distance – results

World Muay Thai Angels Season 2 The semi-final bouts of the women's contest "Muay Thai Angels" were held last night (Saturday November 18) at U-Tapao International Airport in Phla, Thailand. The event followed the opening...
Muay Thai Angels season 2, weigh-insvideo

Muay Thai Angels semifinals full fight card revealed, weigh-in

World Muay Thai Angels Round 2 Following the opening round held early April, the women's contest "Muay Thai Angels" is finally ready for the day of the semi-finals. The event takes place tomorrow night (Saturday...
World Muay Thai Angels semifinals

World Muay Thai Angels second round finally set

WMA 2017 semifinal World Muay Thai Angels is in the second season. The contest is a single-elimination tournament, featuring sixteen international competitors, battling out in a knockout system. The defeated fighter of each match-up is...
World Muay Thai Angels round 2 fight card comprises four fights

World Muaythai Angels Round 2 Fight Card

The 4-fight bill is set for the next round of World Muay Thai Angels. World Muaythai Angels is the 16-woman eliminator. The concept is the 57 kg knockout tournament. To take all, the contender has to collect...
World Muaythai Angels resultsvideo

World Muaythai Angels Round 1 Results

The opening round of Muay Thai Angels was held on April 9 in Bangkok. World Muaythai Angels is the 57 kg female tournament. The contest is the second season of the show started in 2014. Sixteen...
Female muaythai contest World Muaythai Angels begins the second season

World Muaythai Angels 2017 Fight Card

Female tournament "Muaythai Angels" starts Season 2. Muaythai Angels is the women's contest that was launched in 2014. It follows the Contender Asia and the Challenger Muaythai projects. Chomannee Taehiran of Thailand took all tournament consequently becoming...