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Badr Hari signs 6-fight deal with GLORY Kickboxing
Badr Hari signs 6-fight deal with GLORY Kickboxing Earlier this week GLORY Kickboxing announced that Dutch-Moroccan heavyweight Badr Hari signed a three-year contract with the promotion. The fighter himself confirmed the deal revealing in social media that a total of six bouts have been agreed. "Dear Fans, I promised that 2019...

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Lilian Dikmans
Lilian Dikmans is an Australian model, actor, Muay Thai fighter and founder of Real Food Healthy Body. She is a feature writer and presenter at FIGHTMAG.

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Womens Muay Thai training, Lilian Dikmans sparring Misagh Norouzivideo
Muay Thai for everyone Centuries back "The Art of Eight Limbs" was the Martial Art used by Thai soldiers in a real warfare in case of becoming unarmed. Later it has become the national sport of Thailand, and once was a male discipline only. Women were not allowed in the...