Alex James Muay Thai Australia Rising Star
Australian athlete Alex James inside the ring at the World Muay Thai championship in Bangkok, 2009 / Photo: FIGHTMAG

Alex James from Western Australia, is a very nice kid, who’s back from Bangkok not long ago talked to us about how, why and when.

FIGHTMAG: So Alex you are just back from Thailand, right? Tell us about the experience.

Alex James: Sawadee khap, well it was my second trip to Thailand and first time being a part of Team Australia competing in the World Championships that took place in Bangkok. I made it to the semi final and won a bronze medal and was unlucky not to advance into the final. My mate Nathen Sundo had a great fight against a French boy, who finally became a World Champion. Well it was a good experience as we have never fought with all that protective gear on before and was a lot different to fighting back home. The class of the other fighters was pretty good to see and I have mad a lot of new friends from Wales and England to name a few. And the boys from Wales were great fun full of laughter and always made it a happy environment.

Actually Thailand is pretty nice place, we had a lot of fun, but there were stages were communicating with the Thai’s was hard and got lost a few times, cab drivers are really cheeky ones, so next time I’m there I will learn some more than basic Thai. But we also made some great friends over there in Thailand for example the bloke that Nathan was getting his tattoos by he’s a great guy and we spent a lot of time with him he showed us some amazing places over there, plus he presented Nathen and myself with some Buddhist jewelry. And the gym we trained at was incredible i learnt so much and they were very welcoming and have invited me and fellow gym members back there at the end of the year to stay.

FIGHTMAG: When did you start training? And what was your motivation and aim to start training in muay thai?

Alex James: Well I started about 3 years ago in November 2006 and had my first fight in November 07. When I started training in muay thai it was just for fitness and after my first lesson I was sold and knew I wanted to fight in the ring! It has changed my life around and will stay in my heart forever.

FIGHTMAG: How many fights have you had at the moment, what is your current fight record?

Alex James: I’ve had 8 fights, 5 wins, 2 ko, and 3 losses. And am a bronze medalist at 86kg in the World championships. I mainly fight at 79-81kg with FTR preferred.

FIGHTMAG: What is the name of the gym you train out of? What’s it like training there?

Alex James: I train out of the Kao Sok / Jing Jo Siam Boxing Gym, Western Australia. It’s an awesome gym to be apart of, and I couldn’t ask for a better trainer’s’. Trainer/manager Darren Curovic who is a true champion and has fought the likes of Dimity Shakuta, has been a real big help in my career and prepares me well for every fight and is a true role model! Also my other trainer Grant has been a great motivator for me and has been there from the start with me. Also belarusian Parviz has come down to the gym and is a great help and has taught me many new tricks and is always fun to spar with.

FIGHTMAG: Please tell us about Muay Thai in Australia?

Alex James: Muay Thai in Australia is becoming so strong now, especially in Western Australia. The Queenslanders have dominated muay thai in Australia for a while now but Western Australia is starting to prove to Australia and the World that we are starting to show that we are equal if not the best State all around the Country! There is so much young talent out there now, that it is increasing the standard of each fight show. But there is no real amateur ranking in Australia, but amateur muay thai is sort of taking off in Australia with a few promoters putting on novice fight shows and the fighters wear a head guard and shin pads. But most fighters just get straight in the ring with none of that protective gear just like the pros.

FIGHTMAG: Australia is well-known in Europe only because of JWP and Nathen ”THE CARNAGE” Corbet, are you looking to venture overseas to Europe and the USA to expand your fighting career and get more exposure?

Alex James: JWP and Corbet are world class fighters and are in a class of there own. They are probably the best 2 Muay Thai fighters that Australia has produced. Also we have Bruce Macfie and Daniel Dawson who are both middle weights, and are top class fighters also but not really famous overseas as much as JWP and Corbet. I look up to these guys and one day I want to achieve the same goals that they have. They are an inspiration to all Thai boxers over here in Australia!

One day I would love to have the chance to fly over to Europe and the USA, its were the money is. I am looking to travel back to Thailand with fellow gym members at the end of the year for another fight.

FIGHTMAG: We heard you were willing to fight for a state title sometime soon? Actually when is your next fight?

Alex James: Well my next fight was meant to be on may 9th for the WPMF state title but the current holder of the title is unable to fight and no one else has put there hand up for the challenge so my next fight might not be until June 09.

FIGHTMAG: How does it work back in Australia and what is the standard of shows like over there?

Alex James: I am promoted by pure adrenaline. The show they promote ‘DOMINATION’ has already had great success in there shows. Darren Curovic is one of the promoters and has been promoting Muay Thai in Australia for about 10years now brining fighters from overseas e.g.Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Thailand. Darren is very respected and well known person as an athlete, promoter, and trainer. Darren’s partner in Pure Adrenaline is Blair Smith, and the two of them are producing some awesome talent and the standard of there show is world class and is only getting better. Young super star Toby smith, son of Blair, has just won the WA State Title and is one day going to be the biggest name in Muay Thai you wait and see the kid is a freak! and he is probably the most popular 15 year old in Australian muay thai.

FIGHTMAG: What do you hope to achieve in the sport of Muay Thai. A World title one day?

Alex James: Yes, my dream is to one day become a World champion. That is my number one goal but in the mean time I like to set small goals for myself and at the moment it is to win the state title, then hopefully in the next year or so win a Australian title.

But what I really want to achieve out of the sport is to be remembered and known as a true Australian warrior and be known all over the world as a complete champion and a graceful Thai Boxer.

FIGHTMAG: Thank you Alex , it was nice to talk to you!

Alex James: Thanks you. Also I’d like to say a big thanks to Darren, Grant, Parviz, my gym, and to all my sponsors, Tyre Power Pro Margaret River and Western Fresh Produce.