GOLD Coast Muay Thai boxing warrior Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett was an angry man in Montego Bay, Jamaica, yesterday after being controversially robbed of the greatest win of his career.

Five-time world champion Corbett knocked out rival Tyrone Spong in the `fight of the century’ early Saturday morning (Queensland time) and was named the winner, only to see the bout declared a `no contest’ in farcical circumstances.

“I am an angry man at the moment,” said Corbett from Jamaica.

“I dropped him beautifully. I won the fight  but not officially, so there is no excitement, no winning feeling after the biggest fight of my life.”

The controversy unfolded in the third round when Corbett dropped Spong with a powerful left cross.

The referee put a count on the Dutch-Surinamese legend and reached `10′. What Corbett did not realise was that the ref then awarded the bout to the Australian.

“All I saw him (the referee) do was finish the count, step aside and motion to me. I thought he was saying `go’ to me,” said Corbett.

“Spong then looked at me put his hands up and so I jumped in and hit him again, knocking him out again.”

Mayhem erupted. The referee jumped in. Spong’s corner came in and it appeared there would be a brawl.

Fortunately tempers cooled and Corbett realised he had been awarded the fight. But the referee then declared because the Gold Coaster had continued with what he considered to be late blows, he ruled a `no contest’.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Corbett.

“The referee had not made it clear that he had stopped it.

“You have to flag it off with both hands and hold the (beaten) fighter and don’t let anyone near him.

“I got dropped earlier so I was going to take every chance to take him out.”

Corbett said many at ringside were left fuming.

“It was clearly a misunderstanding, so the win should stand,” said the 29-year-old.

“I am dirty. The purists will know I won  but I don’t get the official recognition or even the knockout bonus.

“I will definitely be disputing the decision.”

There is already talk of a re-match, hopefully on the Gold Coast.

The news was no better for Gold Coast husband and wife team Wayne and Angie Parr, who both lost narrowly.

‘John’ Wayne Parr was considered extremely unlucky against internationally renowned Thai Baukaw Por Parmuk.

Angie Parr also lost a ‘toss of the coin’ decision to the UK’s Julie Kitchen.

The fights were part of a blue-ribbon, Champion of Champions II card, the highlight of a celebrity-charity fundraiser in Montego Bay.

Pat McLeod / Gold Coast Bulletin / June 29th, 2009