Toby started training in muay thai at 5 years old. Being so young and no one to fight, he played football and raced motor cross.

At 14 years he gave up the other sports to concentrate on muaythai. He now has had 13 fights with a record of 10 wins 2 losses and 1 draw, being undefeated in his motherland, as both losses happened in Thailand.

Toby won two state titles in lightweight and welterweight and a National title at junior welterweight devision.

Toby trains under his father Blair in WA’s Thaiboxing Pit Gym. He also travels to Thailand to Kaewsamrit Camp in Bangkok to upgrade the level and develop his skills.

Toby was lucky enough to fight at Rajadamnern stadium last February where he defeated on points Amed Loogklontan and also won “Fighter of the Night” crown for his effort.

The next fight is scheduled on June 19th at 67kg against Jamie Gorman. Then, 2 weeks later on the 3d of July versus England’s undefeated Kamen Picken for Intercontinental title.


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