May 7, 2010 a huge success of a brand new concept was brought in a history of boxing.

The ratings of Live broadcast went through the roof all over the Europe and a new champion of BIGGER’S BETTER was crowned.

This is a real proof that a weight division and fight record does not matter if a fighter has guts a true talent.

Latvian Mairis Briedis – BIGGER’S BETTER 1 champion, with only one professional boxing fight under his belt, weight 215 pounds. Briedis have faced opponents much bigger than him and more experienced.

All of them were defeated.

Kickboxing background of Briedis showed the World there is a talent everywhere, not just in overblown, overrated and built up fighters.

October 15 we are going back to Cyprus for the BIGGER’S BETTER 2, EUROSPORT Live.

The next tournament is guaranteed to be BIGGER AND BETTER.