The WKN muaythai heavyweight world championship is set for September 2010.

There were several rumors about “Carnage is going to K-1”. Nevertheless, talks are not on-going anymore, as it is confirmed to have Nathan Corbett challenging the most wanted trophy in a full muaythai rules bout where knees in head and thai elbows are allowed. Corbett is World’s known as a top skillful in these techniques.

One of the biggest fights in Corbett’s career was facing the king of the ring TYRONE SPONG from Netherlands. The fight ended in a controversial decision, with Corbett knocking Spong out with punches but resumed fighting after the referee had stopped the fight. The fight was declared a no contest. Corbett robbed of win. The decision was seen to be unfair as the referee didn’t stop the fight in the correct manner, making it unclear to Nathan Corbett what was happening.

An opponent for Carnage’s World title competition in September will be announced soon.

This event seems to be another sensation for WA brought by Darren CUROVIC, who previously performed to Perth’s crowd and later on FOX Sports John Wayne Parr vs Dmitry Valent in a top fight action for the World’s crown.