Internet is full of different kind of information and opinions about the crash of K-1 in the nearest future.

Well, most of these articles are about the financial situation of K-1, or to say even better the financial situation of the companies-promoters of tournaments of K-1 style.

Let’s not get involved in counting someone’s money and look at the situation form the side of the sport.

K-1 is basically kickboxing with knee – oriental rules – no clinch; or muaythai modified rules with clinch, but no elbows – thai boxing.

Both of the above are very popular everywhere in the World. Not because of K-1 itself, just because of the rules. In most countries of Europe for example, they think it is extremely dangerous to fight with elbows, plus it is too much blood for TV – not spectacular. Though in Belarus, Australia some part of France – they love real thai fighting, elbows and knees to the head.

Going back to K-1. Why most of the fighters always say “I want to fight in K-1”? Eventually the brand K-1 was top promoted being all the time on TV, uniting the top names of the fight sport, where most of the fighters came from kickboxing and muay thai.

So basically all fighters want to be in the same line with the big names and true champions plus to be on TV = fame and money and the idea of being the best of the best as a sport spirit of course.

Well I remember when K-1 just started everybody was talking about good prize money, at first…

Some who look through the history of K-1 start discussing those mistakes which were done. Well that’s right. There were lot of mistakes, but obviously K-1 head tried different things to build the ratings and popularity in Japan and overseas. It worked and attracted people. But then something happened. Either entire arguments, or wrong management or something else.

Well, now K-1 has no money. As a brand it can be sold. But will anybody buy and try to rebuild something which totally collapsed? Will require huge investments and recreation of trust. It’s Showtime for example had to cancel a huge event in Amsterdam due to the situation of arranging the fight card where K-1 meant to supply the fighters, but those fighters were still not paid for the previous tournaments.

Basically K-1 will survive as a style of fighting, this is for sure. But will K-1 survive as a huge series of tournaments promoted in Japan and broadcast on TV Internationally performing the best of the best in the boxing ring the way we used to see it? This we will know very soon.


  1. I hope it does. In my opinion K1 is the best fight show viewable to man. The fighters always bring it, ref stoppages are usually just and timely and the way it is presented is top notch. MMA hasn’t got much against this event and im sure in time the GP will realize this as well


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