This muaythai fight is called as one of the most wanted in Western Australia where the top skillful Moppa will be fighting leg kick machine Powdrill.

The bout is set as a semi-main event of Domination 6 where CARNAGE Corbett will fight Polish Piotr LEPICH .

Both Moppa and Powdrill are well known in WA and there is a huge crowd always comes to support them.

Moppa is a purely muay thai heart fighter, training at Kao Sok gym. He fought in Thailand being a finalist of the World championships. Last October in Melbourne, in the first round he knocked out Daniel PICCOLOTTO in the undercard muaythai fight of Pay Back Time 2 where Wayne Parr fought Yod. He also had an international kickboxing fight versus Eddy LENO from Caribbean Islands where he became a WKN Amateur champion of the World.

Powdrill of Fitness N Fight centre have been fighting different styles from MMA to muay thai and there are several ideas to line him up as a boxer at Bigger’s Better show when we start promoting it in Australia.

His is famous for his hard lowkicks and a strong will to win. With his kicks he destroyed Ricardo MIRANDA from Arslan Magomedov team in 2010 and became a WKN Australia National Champion. He also fought Jake TOMLINSON, basically with the same result. That was a very tough fight for both where Rob got cut but still managed to turn the fight the way he wanted.

Five rounds full muay thai rules fight – MOPPA vs POWDRILL – where thai elbows and knees in head are allowed.